[Video] Emet beacon causes sudden death with 4 hunters in arena


Not sure if tis bug but i was solo grinding emet and i noticed if i bring back all 3 dead hunters as emet in arena… we all get sudden death bonus :stuck_out_tongue:

Well i doubt it will happen in player vs player though :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit :
here is the video

put it to stage 1 bob so i can grind faster :P,
yes im anElite whore

Full Team Sudden Death
4 Hunters in Sudden Death
Possible Arena Exploit with Emet (Please Fix/QA)

It’s intentional, monsters shouldn’t be letting you get that revive off!



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This isn’t a bug buddy, devs have said yesterday that this is intended as the monster would have to be pretty dumb to let the hunters return.


Not to self. Even more reason to hate Arena.


If the only one left is the medic and you let him live long enough to get the sudden death bonus while also letting him keep up the beacon for 30 seconds, it’s your fault.


This is by design, but good luck ever pulling this off against a skilled monster :stuck_out_tongue:


So this is something you can do now.



As Dan has pointed out this is by design and if you leave EMET alive for more then 30 seconds alone its your own fault.


Haha that is amazing actually. Gotta get better with him and try this out some time.


If you kill an entire team but one, and and fail to take out either the one idiot left on his own or the beacon- which sends a giant blue light into the sky- all in a tiny mobile arena…You kind of need to work on that? :stuck_out_tongue:


Ive managed to do this quite a few times against the bot now, since it doesnt seem to care about the beacon at all (please dont fix that ever). Its a great feeling when you are the last person standing and you’re dying from a sneak pounce and suddenly 3 hunters with 400% damage show up to save you


It’s exploitable because you can have one person die on purpose and put the Beacon down, then everyone but Support (cloaked) dies and comes back just before sudden death.


Just destroy the beacon


yeah, because that’s fair.

sarcasm in case you missed it

tried that and apparently a direct hit stage three leap smash doesn’t kill that thing


I’ve had mine destroyed quite a few times from different monster abilities.


I like how the Devs are all like “If that happens it’s the Monster’s fault!” but what about way back when Hunters cried OP? Where was the “If you lost it was because it was your fault!”


Sadistic Kappa


You’ll have to remind me of where the monster had an easily destructible deployable that took 30 seconds to fully activate, that hunters were having an issue dealing with.


Does the lazarus device not also do this when reviving a hunter??


Last body is decayed by the time he gets the bonus damage and even then the Monster usually eats the bodies.