Video Editing Software suggestions for a newbie


Hey there all you handsome/beautiful forumites!

I want to have a go at video editing, but as I might be terrible at it or end up not enjoying it I don’t want to pay a kings ransom right off the bat.

Free would be good (not moviemaker) or at least free to try.

So…whaddya got?


Sony Vegas is a good paid one. And I found camtasia to be good as well, not sure if that one is still free though


Yeah, but Vegas is like $400.

I’ll check Camtasia.

Edit: Camtasia is $300


Ah bummer, that’s a shame. Can’t remember how I got the hand on it then, or that it used to be free.


@GrizzleMarine @xDaRkNeZzChAoSX
What do you use?




Well you will only get anything decent if you pay BUT you can like everyone else just

cough” crack it “cough

If you would like to pay then Sony Vegas is where I started which I totally paid for btw.
However depending on how much time you are willing to put in you can do a lot more with Premier Pro or After effects but are a lot more complex.

At least thats what I have found


I use Windows Movie Maker
isnt the best tool but good for newbies like me and its free ^^


Seriously? I tried movie maker and it was so cumbersome. I give you props!


i used to use sony vegas but i’d have a lot of issues with it. mostly crashing issues. my friend suggested me adobe premiere and i’ve been using that ever since.

crack em


I started with movie maker. Best option before paying is just download a trial again and again. I use premiere though cc but get the trial (they still do trials?) You should get it full version for a month.



Thank everyone! It seems like Sony or Adobe is the way to go. I’ll give the trials a shot and at least I’ll have movie maker of nothing else!


Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas are basically the same program, and both I’d say a good place to start where you can do fun things but not become instantly overwhelmed.

After Effects is a whole new ball game and I’d recommend that after you’ve done editing for a bit. It’s what I use :sunglasses: