[Video Demonstration] Wraith Mobility


A quick video I uploaded, demonstrating Wraith core problem with her game design.


To be fair, you don’t throw the dome while you know it has full traversals. You throw it when it’s eating/distracted or used up it’s abilities to traverse. Good video nonetheless, I just feel people are treating Wraith too much like a Goliath/Kraken. Different mindset.


I can also win a game of basket with one arm only. The simple fact, that she has tools to burst out of domes (covering up to 50 meters of compensation) if you try to cut her off, is plain abusive.

To be fair, wraith doesn’t need to use transversal if they know trapper is around.


I’m just saying, forcing the game to run a certain way and getting upset when it doesn’t doesn’t mean something is/isn’t OP.


Then I ask you, isn’t the game based around the idea that hunters have the advantage at stage 1 and lose it at stage 3? Why do you think giving a monster a free pass to stage 3 is something acceptable?


I’ve domed plenty of decent Wraiths at Stage 1. I never said she got a free pass.


If you say so … I still question the degree of decency of those Wraiths.


I agree, we need to add a delay between the wraps ^^

But yeah, Wraith is supposed to be sneakystealthywhatever, but getting caught by ‘surprise’ isn’t really properly punished.


exactly, I think theres already a big “diferent mindset” (like Maddcow likes to mention) when you need to fight her inside domes … I think thats enough, we don’t need more shenanigans for the trap phase as well.


How can anyone defend this? That might as well be a map effect it’s such an awesome crutch


Because bad Hunters throw a dome without waiting for the Wraith to be distracted/used up teleports. EVEN with all the crazy crap and people quitting games Wraith is only 59% win rate as of a day or two ago. Just because you can do something in a controlled environment does not mean it isn’t broken. Watch some of the Higher tiered teams, the TRS team and TRS Devs go against a good Wraith that doesn’t want to engage.


I “liked” this because it undoubtably shows the absurdity of the wraiths brute force escape, doesnt require any positioning or thought. No stealth was needed in the playing of this monster.


Playing as wraith I could go make a cup of tea when I see the trapper and still come back in time to escape. What part of dashing in a straight line isn’t possible in a uncontrolled environment?


Because a good team will make sure a Dome actually lands, even against a good wraith. You start shooting it to herd it towards the trapper. Good trappers stay 71+ Meters away as that is outside of normal smell range for Monsters outside of smell perk. Then you throw the dome as it finishes warping to you.

You tag it was a Val Dart/ use Speed Boost with Caira or have a Griffin Keep you in. There are plenty of ways to do it right.


You’re assuming the wraith would go towards the trapper. She doesn’t have to run away directly in front of the hunters, heck she could go towards the hunters and wrap behind them if she pleases.


But what if Wraith player uses his brain and knows about flushing him into the direction that trapper is?

What if that player goes straight over their heads in the opposite direction that trapper is?

You won’t deal enough damage to strip her armour when she zips above your heads, most likely she will do 3 warps, put a decoy just for funsies and eat something in the process.


With that kind of mobility and the smell range perk the only way I can imagine hunters catching wraith is if he’s making no effort to keep taps on them. Are those gameplays on YouTube? If they are what channel? (I’m not saying you’re lying, I’m interested in a Youtube channel that regularly has high skill evolve gameplay.) me & my friends beat the vast majority of wraiths we play they’re just usually boring matches. Maybe you’re right and it’s balanced it’s just my opinion. We’ll see if the W/L ratio changes evens out over time but I’m very skeptical


I knew good wraiths don’t respect hunters, but I never knew just how easy they could dodge domes. Whenever I see a “wraith is balanced, only baddies complain” thread I’ll post a link to here. Thank you.


The point of being 71+ meters away and/or cloaked with the Support is that you don’t see the trapper. Who is to say the Trapper isn’t just to the left, or the right. Generally speaking most people, when shot, go forward away from the shots. However, at this point you are talking high meta when going towards the people shooting you is a valid tactic.

Brandon, GentlemanSquirrel is good, so is Peirs or Giantchiprel. They stream more than post on YT.


Flushing with 2 man squad towards trapper 2-man team was a known tactic way before Big Alpha (2k streams anyone?).
I’m pretty sure many people know about this.
I’ve been using it when I have played as a monster (Goliath most of the time), where I just passed through team of Medic/Support and Assault. Sometimes you will just find bad/slow trappers slowly catching up to the pair upfront, that’s where you can be domed (you thought they had a good plan, no…they had a bad trapper who got lucky).

I’m sorry, that tactic is not a sophisticated meta used by elite players, that’s a pretty average knowledge for most players at level 25+.