'Vicious Circle' a new take on 'Evolve' type shooter

It looks more like a more complicated free for all. The only restriction is that the mercenaries can’t harm each other. The monster also seems really out of place, as if it was just slapped in there with no real purpose.

Still too early to tell though, everything right now is just assumption.

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I don’t see the real appeal here.

“Pits 4 mercenaries against each other and a monster”
Not being able attack each other directly isn’t against each other, imo.

I liked the gritty dark tone of Evolve so this in contrast kinda bugs me a bit. And like others mentioned, the monster has no real purpose or goal in a match, might as well not be there. Unless the monster is AI and there to annoy the mercenaries.

Also, the whole concept of 4v1 is for 4 people to take down a single much larger threat. In this game its more 1v1 with an annoying monster you have to watch out for but isn’t needed to win the game >.>