'Vicious Circle' a new take on 'Evolve' type shooter

Rooster Teeth’s uncooperative shooter pits four mercenaries against a monster and each other.

This morning, Rooster Teeth released a brand new trailer for their upcoming game Vicious Circle , along with some images and a little more info on the game. The game is described as a “fast-paced uncooperative multiplayer shooter” where four of you play against each other and a terrifying monster to both collect loot and survive. If you happen to be in Austin, Texas right now, you can try the game out at RTX 2019 right now until July 7th at the Austin Convention Center. For those of us who aren’t there, enjoy the trailer!

Looks neeto af. :ok_hand:


Kinda dislike that they had to put that ‘except way more fun’ in the title — given that fun is subjective —, but other than that this looks dope


Looks interesting from a gameplay prospective, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s an Evolve clone though. It’s closer to Hunt:Showdown imo. That said it’s a unique concept, one I haven’t seen before admittedly.

As far as would it scratch my Evolve itch? No, it wouldn’t. I have too many gripes. These are pretty personal, admittedly petty things, but… things such as the such as the art style… I HATE colorful “childish” artstyles like this one or out of games such as Paladins. Couple that with gameplay isn’t centered around killing the big beastie ALA Evolve, instead its centered around objectives and survival, ALA Hunt:Showdown. This one will be a pass from me, not my cup of tea.


Seems pretty boring, almost no reason for their to be a monster almost.
Like, in that gameplay the monster barely mattered it seemed, basically something to just kill a merc so then the mercs can start fighting with each other.


It looks agonizingly lame and, as has been noted, there’s no need for a monster. Doesn’t help that whoever’s playing it in the first video clearly sucks ass, but I have a hard time believing this is in any way a step up from Evolve.


+1 To that. Props to the mention of Evolve but they didn’t need to drop a shit on it bomb.


It honestly sounds like a fun game and concept. Id be more then willing to try out this game. :+1:

I’ll play ANY game where I can play a monster trying to shred hunters even if they’re not working together. Count me in!!

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I think the only reason they made that statement is because most people who tried Evolve didn’t have any fun. Because their referring to it as an Evolve-like concept they want to reach out to casual and advanced alike to know it’s not Evolve.

I don’t think any offense was meant there.

But they still believe it’s “better” than Evolve. No one have played this “Vicious Circle” game, the devs are the only ones to have played this game and are the only ones to say it’s “way more fun”.

It’s seen as an offense to us because they are depreciating Evolve, and without forgetting that Evolve has been some sort of scapegoat, it feels like they’re trying to push the knife even deeper into the wound. It’s easy for someone to boo on something, and it hurts for those who support instead.


It looks boring as hell. The concept is unique yes but it could use more work. The monster is only there to really kill the players to activate the body snatching mechanic which seems fun but that’s the only reason it seems they added a monster for.


Farming Simulator looks boring, yet has over 10,000 players daily :unamused:
Hard to judge a good quality game on whether it looks fun or not.


Regardless, you have to admit our beloved game had its problems; it still had problems during Stage 2. Though I will agree they’re wrong.

Drawing the conclusion that its like Evolve is a fallacy, all they have in common is that you’ve got a player controlled big ugly that acts as a “boss” or hazard. The two games are nothing alike beyond that.

Besides my gripe with the artstyle, like @Maximumlimit15 said, it looks boring. They took too much pressure off the Monster and it seems to have been demoted to a moving hazard around the level, that’s it. To conclude my ramble, its not competitive enough for my tastes, it pits everyone against eachother in some form, I would prefer if it pit two “teams” against eachother.


I figure at this point I have nothing to lose by playing. If I like it great, if not I’m still in the same boat as when S2 shutdown.

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Looks are sounds like a really strange game. I don’t like the cutthroat element personally, but then again it seems to be the way the younger generation is going, which is another reason Evolve didn’t survive. “Team” play is hardly a thing anymore as everyone is out for themselves…so this game will probably do well and Rooster Teeth’s rep is such that I’m sure it’ll gain a ton of followers and Twitch streams, fueling the fires for ever more pestilent-style games and players. I’d only ever play a game like this with people I know and enjoy, friends of mine…not randoms, as this is basically a troll toxicity-fest.


Honestly, that was one of the problems with Evolve, each member of the team was integral for their part. Assault for Damage, Support for Supporting, Trapper for CC, and Medic for healing.

Obviously there were caveats (such as Slim being a damage-dealing med), but in the grand scheme of things: If a member of your team was an idiot, you’d kiss your ass goodbye. It’s why I didn’t like playing Hunter unless it was a premade.

Its REALLY difficult to deal with that element, as was evidenced by TRS’ difficulties in balancing the game. Its a matter of psychology, its not easy to deal with.


Of course, I can’t deny it. But TRS made its best to fix things up (except they did the mistake to make OP perks like “Blood Leech”, “Grave Robber” and what not the day they got kicked out of development from 2Krap Games).

Remember when there was a whole wave of bloody, stupid, shameless, worthless and irrespectuous cheaters? It took a moment for TRS to instore an anti-cheat, but they made the anti-cheat nonetheless.

How about Slim’s OP build after the Behemoth Overhaul update? Again, it took two weeks to get a proper nerf on him, but he’s been re-balanced after all.

Or how about the first days of Stage 2 where some players had over 50 win-streak with the Wraith? The next week, I guess she got nerfed? I don’t quite remember, but I remember at least that people couldn’t win that easily with her after the update.

Anyway, TRS tried its best to fix these problems players were encountering, not just because it makes the game better, but mostly because TRS cares a lot for its community.

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This is true…and one reason why I think they are allowing hunters to stab each other in the back…so to speak, to be the one winner of the round. In Evolve if one hunter was a weak link the whole team would fail, even with one mistake made. The one benefit of this would be that nobody can screw up the game for you and if you’re good at the time, you’ll win even if someone else on the team is a noob. Still…it doesn’t feel like a “for me” game unless with friends.

Same with me, I never played hunter unless I had a full 4-man pre made with people who knew what they were doing.

I wanted to like it- But doesnt look like its for me.

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Once I start playing I’ll let you all know how it is.