VGS System in Evolve


For those unfamiliar with a VGS system, (A.K.A Voice Guided System) you may read up on it at length here:

In short, a VGS system takes an announcer or the in-game voice of a character to say specific commands such as but not limited to:

  • Be careful!
  • Enemy spotted!
  • Enemy missing!
  • I have returned!
  • Sorry!
  • Ok!

And much, much more. Now, SMITE is the only game I know of that has this but this is such an ingenious system, why? Because it lets pubs do basic communication that when strung together can make complex warnings, sayings, and generally enhance a team’s capabilities.

Examples For example simple commands such as:

VHS means "Need healing!"
VSR means "Falling back!"
VRR means "Retreat!"
VRS means "Save yourself!"
VVVG means "Group up!"
VFF means "Enemy Missing!"
VF1 means "Enemy Missing Left!"
VF3 means "Enemy Missing Right!"
VCC means "Be careful!"
VC1 means "Be careful left!"
VC3 means "Be careful left!"
VCJ means "Be careful in the jungle!"
VII means "Enemy incoming!"
VI1 means "Enemy incoming left!"
VCR means "Return to base!"
VSGG means "I’ll gank!"
VGG means "Gank!"
VG1 means “Gank left lane!”

By viewing the above examples you can see that there is a lot of complexity to the system, those commands hardly scratch the surface of all the different sayings and with each saying there’s an announcer (usually) clearly saying (shouting) them so the team can hear and understand what is being said.

I suggest this in Evolve because could you imagine just how helpful this would be to warn teammates of a Tyrant or seeing the Monster without actually having a direct visual (yes I know pings exist but people still ignore yellow pings). This would bring a major amount of communication to pubs which otherwise will ignore basic things like fallen trees, corpses, etcetera. Imagine being able to have Maggie yell out, clearly on everyone’s headset/speakers “Found a corpse!” or “I see the Goliath!”.
Evolve even has a fair amount of these dialogues already found within the game, implementing this system could just amplify the sound of each to make them clearly audible while also just having the sound play when specified.

What are your thoughts? Good idea, bad idea? Leave them below.


Great idea :smiley: , couldn’t agree more. This’d be great on console


Or any pings. Pub lyfe.

Any commands would be welcomed.


It’s not a bad idea but let’s be real, pubs won’t listen to the commands either.



10 char


I’m blanking at the moment but lots of other games I played have this as well. Dark souls also while not having a voice has actions like this you can do to display information.

Edit: While not super intuitive Battlefront technically has this.

Planeside 2 has VGS.


Characters your playing already do this if you ping an object at a piece of wildlife.

However, i’m always a fan of new features.


Worst… Voice… EVER. When people spam that it drives me nuts!

Also, guys… TF2? L4D? I think I’ve suggested this a while back, a voice system similar to Team Fortress 2 and the like.


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I dunno what the ping button is on a controller, but on PC you could hold down Q/ping to bring up a little box. Of course it would beed a 3/5 second load time to stop using it in battle and dicking yourself over.