Veteran's are not helping this game


So im new to this game and im not going to hide it, im level 28 and have 42 hours in the game if that proves anything but i know for sure that some of the veterans arent helping this games community, i just went up against an obvious veteran and he was playing miley with a 75 win streak, and i have no doubt that he was just abusing the fact that there was a lot of new players and going for a huge win streak. Me and my friends went up against him twice, and lost both times surprise surprise. Then we got him again and we decided we would all prefer monster to try and force him to lose his streak and i ended getting monster and he just said “sorry guys cant lose my streak” and Disconnected.

TL:DR Veterans are abusing new players to get lots of wins and its doing anything but help the community and its super sad.


I agree with everything. The thing I’m most surprised about is why didn’t the matchmaker skyrocket that Gorgon into oblivion to go play with the best of the best and hackers.


I am a veteran myself, and I agree that many veterans (not all, though, there are plenty who are doing their best to help out) are abusing the new players. It’s pretty disgusting.

I’m 90% sure we’ve just faced the same guy.

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Familiar? At the end he boasted about using us for his elite skins.

Were you in my game, actually? Might’ve been, I’m not sure.

All that aside, please don’t let them put you off of the game. It’s a great game with dedicated developers and a nice community, with some exceptions.

Hope you enjoy Evolve in spite of this. If you need a buddy, I’d be willing to join you on Steam, seeing as I assume we’re both Oceania players as we’ve both encountered this same player.


I got 476 and I’m a founder and I think a 3 win streak is scary!


Hey man, win streak is love. Win streak is life. I can’t afford to lose my winstreak because I need it high so I can brag to my friends and feel accomplished. So please, don’t complain. I must maintain this streak for serious reasons, as you can see.


Yep thats him, and nah i met him at 73 streak so i was after you, im not put off the game i love and im going to keep playing but people like him just need to get a grip


Agreed, though I can assure you not all veterans are like this, there are without a doubt veterans abusing the current meta and the fact that new players aren’t that good yet. I’d say “git gud scrub”, but it’s kinda impossible to win against someone who has years of knowledge about the game, even after the massive changes.

As far as I know, if they did manage to go ingame as non hunter and left, it would count as loss, unfortunately you can just leave once you know your role.

I’m not really sure how this can be combated at the moment, I’d just say live on and let’s hope you don’t need to face them again. Or pray that they improve matchmaking.


Apparently it does not do this in the current game.They removed it from before.

Damn, I missed you by one match. [quote=“Arkanymoose, post:6, topic:90383”]
im not put off the game i love and im going to keep playing but people like him just need to get a grip

Good to hear that, and yes I agree.


I know not all veterans are, a lot i have seen are nice but i have also seen a lot play like this guy, dont worry i dont think 1 speaks for all.


I understand why it’s frustrating, but no matter the case, if he’s winning legitimately against people that are actively trying to kill him using the skills he’s put the time into mastering, no matter how justified you might feel , no matter how angry his behavior might make you, no one has the right to tell him or anyone else that they can’t enjoy the game the way they want to.


I wonder if it’s possible that the dev’s will consider making it so that if you leave a certain numbers of lobby’s after not getting your preferred role, it counts as a ‘loss’, only on your winstreak counter.

Just throwing the thought out there, it may be a bad idea. Then again, it could help counter this ‘Newbie crushing’ behavior of arsehole vets.


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