Very quick way to improve the forums


It would be super useful if you guys would separate or even just delete the multitude of posts that are from before the big patch. It difficult to discern which ones are actually applicable, and I found myself in several very confusing conversations with people after I responded to a post from before the patch changes.


The problem right now is that the old posts are still relevant and useful for console players who are still on evolve legacy. Once f2p hits console i think it could be possible and nice to fresh out some old threads from the forums


I think the Devs once said that they wanted to do this, but it was difficult, but yeah I agree, new users are getting confused with old threads, so it would be nice to get rid of certain threads. I can delete stuff, but it’s just too much xD

Also, what Pietro said is true!


oooh, I see. I didn’t even know evolve came for consoles. Ah well. I suppose we’ll just have to wait.


Close thread for question answered/solved?


How about when Stage 2 hits, certain categories get wiped? Just keep sections like #off-topic #general-talk:patch-notes #official-fiction and the likes, where Evolve gameplay topics aren’t touched?

I’d even remove #hunters-quest

If certain topics can’t be wiped, then just clear the whole forums. I’ll miss old fanart, but I rarely look back on the stuff posted there anyways.


We can leave it open to see if a Dev wants to share their thoughts on this :slight_smile:

That would be a tough call xD


Just backup the patch notes or any admin posted thread then just re-create the topic once everything is wiped.


You can’t delete threads like emails? XD
Like sort them by time and then delete everything before 7/7 et voilá? XD


No in Spanish :<


You spanish? :o thought you were american!
Edit: sorry, i forgot profiles had descriptions… god kill my ignorance lol


in the tag section of a Topic we should put “legacy” in there to help discern


Oh my! That would be nice! :smiley:


Also incase there is a technical bug fix that people have they can search it and hopefully find a fix to it. :slight_smile: