Very low fps


Hi I have problem with fps, i have very low fps, but my spec can run game on recommended performance,
GeFroce GT 755M (2GB) SLI
Intel i7-4702MQ CPU @2,2GHz
RAM : 16GB
resolution :1920x1080
graphic driver 347.52 (last)
Can someone help
Nvidia recommended me this settings: 1366x768 and details setting are all on LOW
I don´t know where is problem, can someone help me ?


So you’re on a laptop? That’s the main reason. Laptop components are less powerful. I have a slightly less powerful laptop and I get about 25FPS on low.


it is possible, butI dont understand it, because other games running on high setting without any problem


yeah, i’ve checked those cards, in SLI they seem to be quite good, Crysis 3 on medium settings should be running in about 60 fps. How many are you getting?
Maybe turn off Anti Aliasing?


Turn off AA.
Turn off shadows.
Check if you are actually running on the Nvidia card rather than the Intel hd.My laptop tried to run the game on Intel card and got 5-10ish fps instead of Using the 980m.
Check temperature.
If you want, overclock the gpu with Nvidia Inspector


thanks… :slight_smile: i will try it .