Very good team in need of dedicated trapper (Xbone)


Hey guys.

I play consistently with two other really good players. Monsters consistently message me and tell us that we play like a tournament-level team, but we don’t play tournaments. We’re just three guys who have played together along time, know how to communicate, play our roles, and enjoy winning.

We have played with a series of trappers, many of whom have been amazing, but want to stop playing musical chairs and find a permanent trapper. Someone who will be online a lot, knows how to dome, and will always be down for Evolve. Our usual team in Parnell, Sunny, Slim, (Trapper)

We will be going hard in the paint today, so message me and we’ll bring you in if we have space.

GT is the same as user name.

I love you all.


Timezone? And practice hours?


Eastern. No set times. Usually between 3 and 10. We’re not a professional team practicing for tournaments or anything. Just a group of good players who enjoy killing random monsters.


Might want to mention what console you are on… I assume XBone just because of the term GT.


Ah, true that. Good looking out.


I’m down as long as you guys have headsets. been looking for people to play with


Oh you’re on Xbox? Damn I would’ve loved to kill you guys one by one. Ugh…


And Griffin.

Gamertag SQUARE Necron

Usually play Griff bit have all the trappers. When leaderboards aren’t messed up I’m ranked the triple digits for Griff. With a w/l of around 1.5 (no rage quitting for stats) 8 hours experience with just Griff alone.


He did

Very good team in need of dedicated trapper (Xbone)


He edited the title after I posted that. You can even see when he posts after me and says thanks for the heads up!


Haha sorry. Somewhat new. Just trying to help


No worries :slight_smile:


OgtriplexxxL, Xbox 1 love playing trapper class. Still new, but I play to win. Mature 25 year old with mic.


Hmmm, this should lead to some interesting games.


Wow. Wasn’t expecting this many responses. Got a lot of messages too. I’ll send you guys an invite whenever we have an opening. If, by any chance, you’re good with any other classes let me know. This would make it easier to try play with more people if we have other openings.




have about a 2.5 or higher W/L ratio with all the trappers. Rarely miss domes on any of the monsters. Alot of the times I make the monster rage quit when I’m playing Griffen. Gamertag is same as username.