Very Close Match but I had friends on the other side - Voodoo Hoodoo Goliath Gameplay


Here’s my Voodoo Goliath close match gameplay. Any of you guys have voodoo gameplay too? Post it here danggit!!!


Close match is when monster has 10% of last bar and last hunter has 10% of his health. And in this moment the monster just sneak pounced hunter but the hunter was Hyde and before the pounce he shot monster with flamethrower and that flame will kill the monster 0,1 earlier before the monster kills Hyde. Thats the f****in close game, not this.

Happened to me yesterday, laughed too much.


This is a close game since it was a Torvald I was versing and the amount of health I had with very little armor. If you don’t consider this a close game then that’s your problem not mine haha xD



10 char


Cool :smile:


Alright. ^.^


good talk.


omg you just made my day xD


dude i didnt even know that spot! xD


ikr??? I bet you can juke out most hunter teams xD