Verizon FIOS Users - Question


I’m about to call Verizon, but since there CS isn’t so hot, thought I might ask here.

Up until a month or so ago, I had zero issues with FIOS. The last few weeks thought it’s felt sluggish.

Today my UP bandwidth is back to ‘normal’ (Well over 30 MB/s), but my download is still less than 20-25, depending on when I test.

Now, I’m not crying, that’s more than sufficient speed for 99.99999% of what I want to do, but it’s not what I used to have, which was easily 60/50 or 60/60 depending on my testing (usually use

Anyone else having FIOS issues?


Are you testing your speed wired or wireless?

My wifi sucks as a result of being in a townhouse community and the neighbors’ wifi wars. I always see full speed on the wired network. Had to bust open walls to install it, but it was sooo worth it! :smiley:

Also, any time you deal with customer service at an ISP you should record the call. Verizon is just as shady as Comcast.


I’m wired, and about 15 feet from the router! :smile:

Yeah, worth a call.


Did you check to see what server was defaulting to? For me it initially defaulted to Dallas, TX. I was getting results between 20 and 40 Mbps. Given how much I pay for symmetrical internet at 75 Mbps this makes me unhappy. However, switching to a closer server (in my case Washington DC) immediately improved the test results to sit between 60 and 80 Mbps. That’s better. I’m in Annapolis, MD so I better damn get fast internet to DC – it’s only 45 to infinity minutes away depending on traffic!


Good point, I’m in Syracuse NY area, so 20+ down from Dallas isn’t too bad.

Edit: DOH! Switching to DC server, it was 75d/58u, guess I’m happy again! :smile:

ROFL@ 45 to infinity…I’d say closer to 95 to infinity (My best college buddy has lived in Annapolis, I’ve been there many a time for Navy games as well as his trek downtown (Secrete Service & Customs), so I know that drive…UGH!