Venting angry feelings


I need some help guys. I feel so… Angry lately. Normally I’m very mellow headed, don’t let much get to me, and when I do I just push it away and don’t stress about it. But I’ve been so stressed lately. Almost bipolar, I’ll be seemingly fine, all day, and the slightest thing can send me into a downward spiral of self loathing and generally being pissed off at the world.

Now I’ve had depression issues in the past, I don’t think this is that. I’m not sad, I’m just… Furious. Fuming, constantly, it’s like there’s embers in my chest and the slightest gust of wind ignites the flames into a roaring inferno. I don’t have anybody to talk to, other than my girlfriend. She wants me to seek help, and she is very helpful and supportive. But I have no friends, frankly I barely have acquaintances outside of work. Which is fine. I’ve always been a lone wolf, happy in my seclusion, my self exhile from the world and all of its self centered inhabitants. Which is strange, I suppose, as I can be very social and talk to just about anybody. But then I have nobody to open up to. Nobody to talk to about my fears, my hopes and dreams.

This is turning into a pointless rant thread and I apologize for getting off topic. I’m just so, so angry, all the time, for no apparent reason other than the fact that my life is going nowhere. I might be building savings, but for what? To what ends? To move to a better apartment one day, or maybe a small house, and then what? To grow old and die, leaving no evidence of my very existence on the world? Is that all life is, a pointless uphill battle that leads to nothing?

Please, if anybody has any advice on how to calm my mind, it would be appreciated. I just want to be calm, and to put an end to my self torment. I want to be laid back like I once was, and to find some enjoyment in life. I need a major stress reliever.


Hey rick I’m willing to help you man.

Might I ask how old are you? I just need a better feel or your perspective.


Budism? Yoga?
Idk, fuckin… Become vegan? Idk XD

Hey man depression sucks and being angry ain’t no fun either. I can sympathize. I just kinda gave myself time alone to relax. That’s what you probably need. Take a week off alone to let yourself know it ain’t a big deal.


Have you started any new medications? I took Gabapentin for nerve pain a few months ago, and I realized that it was affecting my mood. I would get irritated a lot more easily, and get angry as a result at the smallest of things, which usually wouldn’t garner such an outburst from me. It can take a week or more for such things to develop, so it’s something to consider.

If it’s nothing like that, then it could just be one of those “periods”? I’ve had it before too, where for no reason I’m just pissed or worried and thinking “what am I doing with my life?”, and berate myself for it. Then the next day or something, I’ll be back to my usual self. If you’re feeling restless then I don’t know what would help, other than perhaps channelling that energy into physical workout. Trying to relax won’t work (from my experience). If it’s just this feeling of anger, then again, physical workout might help, but you can also try to do calming things that you enjoy like listening to music, reading a book, etc. It could be that you need to talk to people. I understand that that would be hard. I’m the same with regards to being a lone wolf kind of person, so unfortunately I can’t really advise how to go about that.

Might not have been helpful, sorry.


Being angry for no reason is not uncommon. Sometimes I hate everything and feel like nobody is around me.

I suggest you talk to someone you know and care about that really know you and how you are like, like your parents or people that you know since you were young, but we all love you here aswell. I’m definately open to talking with you and I’m sure that other people are aswell.

Also, why the fuck isn’t @MortySmith talking to you? Is he still watching Jessica’s blog? :rage:


Exercise regularly, punch the hell out of your local gym’s punching bag and try not to let anything get to you.


I find that it’s easy to get lost in to a spiralling decay of what ifs when looking too far in to the future. I enjoy my life because I focus on what’s right in front of me rather than too much of what is going to be far ahead. I make plans and I know that I’m willing to adapt those plans if circumstances change. The single biggest thing that I feel keeps me sane is that I try not to concern myself with what I need to change or do outside of the next week or so.

This usually leads to short term frustration, especially for my wife, when I end up forgetting to have sorted something out…but on the whole it’s a much less stressful life!

As for getting rid of anger… I went through a period like it, and I think it was basically more to do with having too much energy rather than being emotionally in a bad place. Genuinely I’d say exercise. Running, rowing machines, anything that you can spend a good amount of time on that also helps you to focus your mind while you’re doing it.


It sounds like you just want to be understood; a phase of temporary boredom against your old, tried-and-true ways. Perhaps a critical self evaluation is in order.

Or you’re just repressed. You need you a boo thang, baby. Human touch and voice >>>>>> internet


Any time you’re angry, just think of this: (And yes, it’s a link, too lazy to post pictures myself) If you keep quoting Gorilla munch, the person who made you angry, unless they know about the munching powers of the Gorilla, they become angry themselves! And yes, I’ve tried that on my sister, it works @RickSanchez


I’ve been faking some new medications for a case of pneumonia I’m getting over, as well as some Heartburn medication I recently started taking. But I’ve read all the side effects, nothing about mood swings. Might just be a transitional thing, or something to do with sleep, working all night is taking a toll on my sleep schedule.


Im about to turn 20.


Thank you all got your kind words, @niaccurshi, @xTr1ckOrTr3atx, @Deity_Pharaoh, @Jev, @Rick, @UrbanLegend, I appreciate the support. These forums are one of a kind, I really like how I can talk to people on here.


I would not recommend doing that. Hue.

I would definitely consider that your “work-all-night” schedule plays a big part in this.
Just take a few days off. I’m sure your boss is cool with it.
As long as you don’t turn green anytime soon you don’t have a whole lot to worry about.


I am normally against new meds, but it’s simply for heartburn. Ooooohh the heartburn sucks, it’s like the bacon I have for dinner is trying to come back and kill me. (My diet is real bad)

And then I actually just had a few days off, I had the worst pneumonia ive ever had.


Lack of sleep can do that too. So can stress. I remember when I was being stressed for my exams, I also was quite irritable. As I think someone else has said, it could be the frustration of not being able to share something with someone. When I’ve got something bottled up, it helps when I speak to someone about it (even if it’s via the net). It’s not so much what they say, than it is that they’re listening/reading. From what little I know, it seems like this might be it? Social frustration? Otherwise, stress? A lot of things can affect your mood. Imagine it a bit as if it was a Sims game. Hunger, sleep, hygiene, etc should be high. If they dip too low, you can end up feeling irritated and unhappy. Of course, this is a very simplistic way of looking at things, but I feel like it’s quite accurate.

[quote=“RickSanchez, post:14, topic:81177, full:true”]
I am normally against new meds…[/quote]

I think he meant the “faking” typo :stuck_out_tongue: Atleast I hope it’s a typo…

Also, if you’ve looked into the meds and found that they don’t have any side effects that affect the mood, then that’s probably not it.


I didn’t see the typo. XD
I do think it’s stress, I have nobody to talk to other than my girlfriend. She wonderful and easy to talk to, but I wish I had someone else to talk to. All my childhood friends either moved, we had a falling out, or, like my most recent best friend, just fell into a bad crowd that had to many bad hobbies I couldn’t be around. He changed so much, got into all these bad drugs and just quit talking to me about anything. Whenever I tried supporting him he’d just be irritable, and lie about everything.


I work out all my anger in the video games I play. I take all that rage and frustration and channel it into killing monsters and GTA rampages lol


Having a steady go at exercising to blow off steam can do wonders. Even if it’s going for a run, having access to a gym, or cycling around town, physical routine can help ease a little bit of that. Good sleep also helps your mood, I’ve seen firsthand just how bad sleep can make your life a living hell.

Having a creative outlet of sorts can do wonders too. Do you have any means of making something to help channel that sort of animosity? Pick up a pen and just start writing what’s on your mind or find some music that might help influence a drive to get this stuff out (hell, pick up an instrument.) Just find something you can do to try to ease tensions and anxiety in your day to day life. Something starting to upset you? Take a step back from it. It’s never worth the resort to anger, let alone violence.

It’s good you’re talking about it so don’t be afraid to reach out to others. Can’t keep all those feelings bottled up forever since they’re ya know, corrosive. Best of luck dude, you got this.


From someone who has a variety of mental problems, the way I got rid of my anger, which happens at random, was to focus on the things I enjoyed. I’d close my eyes, cover my ears and focus. I’d ignore the things around me, giving no thought to any of it. I’d pull myself into my head, think about myself and the things I enjoyed. I also did meditation, open eyed meditation to be exact, in which I’d focus on a pattern on my ceiling or something in a photo or painting. I’d look at the object for hours on end. This taught me how to focus my thoughts, focus my energy.

I also have an enlarged dopamine gland, which can cause problems but also helps. During intense focus I can get hallucinations or get a “natural high”. This helps me relax, but I know I shouldn’t abuse because of the possible nasty after effects.


Don’t know how much this will help, but hopefully it does. This is how I stay positive generally.