Venom (Probably Spoilers)


Hardy took the movie and dragged its ass to ‘watchable’ territory. Would love to see him cross into the MCU.


When they make a movie about Carnage I highly doubt he’ll be a good guy.


I just hope this movie did well enough, if so we should be seeing him soon…


I’d be interested in how they’d do Carnage with a PG-13 rating, not sure if MCU could do much either.
Carnage is literally an offspring of Venom bonded with a serial killer. Either you have to show up after he kills and not show the bodies much, or tone down his killings.


If youve watched some of the old Spiderman shows Carnage has some sweet lines.

Carnage: “Guess I could say you axed for this webman sadistic laugh

“Dad! Ready for some father son quality time. Between the two of us there won’t be enough left of Spiderman to fit in a matchbox…but we’ll try won’t we.”

“Think of the damage we can do now man!” sadistic laugh

“We were hoping we’d run into you again.”


Finally got around to seeing it, and I have to say that I really enjoyed it.

Not sure how sold I am on Woody Harrelson as Carnage though :thinking: I’ll just have to see how that pans out (If it does).


I want to see it. Just waiting on some $ first :slight_smile:


Kids, amirite?


My sister laughed when he showed up because she thought his hair looked pretty bad.