Venom (Probably Spoilers)


Just got home and I loved it! Had anyone else seen it?


Nastalgia Critic didn’t paint it in a good light and my taste aligns well with his. I’m gonna see it tomorrow.


Good to hear somone liked it as I heard online it was terrible. Might actually go see it now because I was actually excited.


It was exactly what I expected from a venom movie and I was not disappointed. :grin:


It was nice to see Venom as the good guy.


He’s almost always been the good guy. :slight_smile:


We do not eat cops!
Aaaaaah it was definitely enjoyable for sure :smiley:


I heard that movie is as good as a live action dragon ball movie…

@TheMountainThatRoars shhh dont let the fans know venom is a good guy…


@GrizzleMarine now where have I seen that pose before…

(ruffle ruffle ruffle.) google files… one sec (where is it? oh this is such a mess of files… oh! Here it is.



It’s interesting (I’ve not seen it) that comics fans seem pretty happy with it, even if they don’t think it’s necessarily great or at all perfect


Yeah, pretty much exactly that.


Venom is usually a anti hero and a villain to Spider-Man in particular.


No he isnt… he is a confused psychopathic anti hero (which doesn’t mean villain) it is just another archetype for which his character is flowing.


I have not seen it yet, but I bet people are just turned off by the special fx and shutting it down.


They weren’t that bad. I mean it’s an alien symbiote we don’t exactly have a real life analog.

It could have been more polished, I’ll grant, but the movie was still great.


That makes me happy… I came into the venom lore with Todd McFarlane days of drawing spidey. I want to see this movie. (but i dont see movies anymore) so it’s good to hear at least the fans are ok with it. (never cared for critic reviews on anything)


Villain was in meaning to spider-man, as in he tended to be a villain to Spider-man (even in Ultimate universe).
Lately he has strayed away from that though, he is more anti hero than villain top anyone, but lashes out.


Yep, last comic I read he was actively trying to prevent his host from hurting others (not sure what broke him and Flash up, though).


I stopped reading comics so long ago they are all antiques now lol.


I just watched it and it wasn’t amazing, but it’s no where near as bad as people are making it out to be.