Venim: The Hybrid

Yeah. I feel ya. The thing about this one is, Wraith is VERY VERY FAST. Venim is slow, and relies on his abilities to slow the hunters enough to have time to evolve. He is not designed for RUNNING AWAY, he is designed for making the hunters SLOWER than him. Plus, Venim is not suited to up-front combat. If you do catch him in the arena, as long as he doesn’t wait it out, you can take out most if not all of his health. Wraith can pop decoys and supernova and kill a team at stage two with both of these maxed out. Only reason people evolve to stage 3 is the health and the points. This guy needs to ACCURATELY aim his abilities, and focus on taking as little damage as possible, while dealing as much damage as possible. So if you play stealthy-aggressive like Wraith, you WILL get domed, and you WILL get killed. His fastest pace is his bipedal run at around 10 meters per second. His stamina ability just allows him to beeline across an area at a rate of 6-8 meters per second (same as his stealth pace). Venim is designed to hinder, annoy and escape, not decimate with brute force. I appreciate your feedback, MrHat.

If there are any ideas in the forums before this idea came out, I have not seen them, any ideas in here are, for the most part, of my own creation. I have labeled all ideas I did not come up with in red, and I hope nobody flips out because they see one of their ideas in here and think I stole their idea.

I have also finished making what his footprint would look like, and I will have the link below: