Venim: The Hybrid

This is my idea for the Hybrid Monster, Venim. Yes, I realize that is not how Venim is spelled, but it gives him a unique name. I have set up a presentation using my old Google docs account. The link will be shown below. Please comment and let me know what you think of my monster.

I’m unable to view it, it says I need permission. o:

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Same for me. Try uploading to

Sorry about that guys. I’ll fix that quick.

Should be fixed.

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Well I applaud you for making a thorough sales pitch, see if you can change the timer speed because it currently flips too fast. Anyways, give me a minute to read everything and I’ll brb

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It is accessible, correct?

It is, I notice you say there is an animation at parts do you actually have a CGI representation?
Or otherwise 3d/2d animation?

it is, I really like it

I do not have access to any CGI equipment, but this is just the skeleton for it. If more info is neccessary for it’s creation, TRS can contact me, cause I have some ideas for it. What animation are you asking about?

Thanks. Any improvements you’d like to suggest?

since I didn’t read it all, could you tell me how he is a steal monster? I just read the powers

This slide here

are you referring to what the animation would look like or was there a premade animation you have was what I was asking

His sneak mode causes him to drop onto all fours and hunker low to the ground. He is tough to spot in this position in lower stages, and his secrete ability can negate Gobi’s spot effect because the shell looks like a rock. It looks uncannily natural.

No. That is how I envisioned his eating animation would go.

Okay thanks for clearing that up, I’ll continue through the presentation and be back shortly

Um… 1st Question : Which skill is meant to be it’s ‘Skill Shot’, or does it not have one? And is ‘Maul’ Supposed to be his main damage dealer?

Resin Spray is his medium range attack, where it slows down hunters, allowing them to be more susceptible to a hit from Neurotoxin; and yes, Maul is his primary damage ability. I’m thinking of tweaking resin spray to make it so that hunters cannot jetpack out of it, to balance out his lack of damage abilities. Thanks for the feedback.

If you need someone to play Evolve on Xbox, my Xbox Gamertag is the same as my username.

Hunters: Happy Hunting
Monsters: Happy Hiding

Augh, not that I hate your idea ( it’s appealing), but if this game releases ANOTHER stealth-run-away-till-stage 3-crapathon, then I will troll people so hard with all the monsters, that they will either dc from rage or return the game. Wraith just isn’t fun to face at all.