Velvet Worm comeback


Any chance the velvet worm could be created now. I know it’ll take lots of effort but its concept is amazing. Since you guys will have time after the 5th tier comes. I’d love to see the velvet worm.


Is there anyway someone could put a poll into this over if you’d want to see this creature.


The velvet worm was scrapped for a number of technical reasons. One of which being that they couldn’t come up with a good moving animation without having it clip inside itself and another being that they simply, didn’t have the technology to create it.

However, your wish is my command:

  • I’d love to see the Velvet Worm
  • Spend time and effort on other things

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Oh, it was also scrapped because TRS wants relatable Monsters, hence why they all have some sort of Humanoid aspect to them, they felt that the players can’t really relate to a worm and would find it hard to believe that it is intelligent like the other Monsters, so it was scrapped for that, and other reasons.

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Thanks for the info :smiley:


I understand now why they scrapped him. Some of the devs and even macman have said they want to return to this monster (Don’t quote me lol) I’m remembering from way back as well. This monster is so interesting as well. Maybe if they release a dev pack ever or set it up on steam workshop then we could make the velvet worm dream come true.

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I think they should make it I am a little tired of using human (monsters) I would love to see something actually have a monster feel to it and I really love this and the host I would love to see


As cool as I can picture it being, I think it would take too much time and too many resources to get it working. Plus, I’m fairly sure there may be a lore reason now that the monsters all have humanoid aspects to them, which the worm does not have.


Woah woah friend, let’s take a step back.
This thing can dig … Now that’s OP. Please nerf.

Hahaha just kidding. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve always wanted to see the worm. But I doubt we ever will. The movement would be so strange, and with so many vertical maps like Broken Hill Foundry, I can’t picture how the digging would work. If I was on a platform, would burrowing let me come out under it? That would be better damage mitigation than even Wraith can achieve. It would be very hard to balance.


For clarity, the velvet worm was scrapped for technical reasons - not so much artistic reasons. Evolve is about split second decisions and maneuvers by hunters and monsters alike. The Velvet Worm has a very long body, and it is extremely hard to animate such a thing moving at high speeds the way one would operate it in a virtual environment without the body looking really jankey every time the player turns sharply. Humanoid creatures lend themselves to more natural motion for such things. That said, not all monsters are going to be super humanoid, though most will have some light humanoid traits included (think behemoth and wraith).

Basically this problem forced a decision between immersion and gameplay - lose one and the other suffers. Therefore it was scrapped.

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I personally would rather TRS puts effort elsewhere, rather than working on Ways to fix the technical difficulties on one monster.


Well like @Takran said… “Fo-get about it!”

I would have still liked to see this monster if It was possible…


Wow , at the moment the poll is 50/50.


It wouldn’t have to dig maybe it just gets a speed boost. Or they could give it a new traversal meter.


Do a crow founding for monsters that don’t belong to the story that way we can play with actual monsters

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