Variety of Monsters


I pre-ordered Evolve about 2 days since it was first announced! And after seeing the official gameplay, I was completely satisfied. But one little thing is floating at the back of my head… What will the other playable monsters look like? Of course, there will be more than the Goliath, but I personally wouldn’t dig a group of monsters with similar traits. For example, if all the monsters have rough skin, are all bipedal, or sound exactly the same.

It would be incredible if there was a vast array of monsters which all have distinctive variety: Shape, Structure, Texture, Color and Sound. For example, how cool would it be to play as a five-armed “land jellyfish” with a membrane filled with helium or methane, slightly glowing blue as it creeps through the jungle. What I’m really trying to say is: It would be nice to see creatures which truly display alien qualities. Don’t get me wrong, the Goliath is incredible, and proudly bears the medal awarded for Most Badass, but I feel as if the “flavor” of Evolve would go bitter if the monsters all have generic traits. I have no idea if you guys over at Turtle Rock thought of it like this, but it’s just a small suggestion. :smiley: What would you guys think when it comes to Monster Variety?


i liked that idea.
well i’m guessing they are going to have Different Evolvers (monster) in the game and they will have their own way of abilities etc.


Personally i would like something snake shaped moster with venomous fangs and the map could be underground maybe ? It could have an ability to dash, spit venom, slam enemies away with his tail and paralyze enemies for a brief moment. :smiley: someone with me :D?


Definitely looking forward to finding out if there’s going to be a crustacean type creature but more looking forward to a flying one! :smiley:

And I love your idea, Squish! :heart:


Flying type would be awesome as hell :D!! If they could make it to work somehow good then i would be happy :smiley:


We do indeed have multiple unique monsters. Each one with their own unique abilities and play styles. We can’t wait to introduce them to you all!


That sounds very promising :3!!


You just got me more excited for those reveals. Are you guys by chance planning on unveiling some of them at PAX East?


That’s good to hear. I think that was probably the only concern people had about this game.


@JD_2020 You mention in a lot of your interview videos that each monster has its own theme, but what specifically do you mean by that? Theme as in, Goliath is the standard kind of brawler/in-your-face monster or is it more to do with his link to fire? (Fire breath/red glowing armor etc)


I think they plan to do what we hope they do. I see the monsters all playing, acting, looking, and feel different. I think the monsters will come in all shapes, colors, and playstyles.(Not sure about different sizes lol) I want to know if they have different speeds, attack strengths, health/armor pools, basic attack ranges, ect. Hope they feel as different as the hunters look.


Well a lot has been said about each monster being really unique and I don’t doubt they are. I think the maximum height will be what Goliath is at stage 3. Since he just fits through those circular vents/doors on the jungle map, all of the other monsters will need to be able to since they’re meant to be playable on any map


I could mean both ;). You’ll have to just wait and see!!


Ah the wait is killing me, I’m kinda glad that info is only being dished out slowly though, if you just full out revealed everything there’d be nothing to make the wait less lengthy I suppose.


Exaaaaactly! Trust me, we’re making it as exciting a wait as possible. Why would we want anything otherwise? :stuck_out_tongue:

Making a game takes time though. So we have many months to fill up with exciting news between now and launch!


Can’t wait!


Yeah, It’s more than a little troubling that they’ve only shown one monster so far.


Oh ye of little faith! Fear not, for good things come to those who wait! :smile:


Yeah I mean really now! Showing one Monster so far is brilliant, it’s keeping in suspense as to what Monster will be revealed next! I mean if they decided to show all if not most Monsters during the time span between the announcement of the Goliath and the game’s release date then the wait will just not be worth it, well at least according to myself!

I would prefer it if they revealed the other Monsters or maybe one like a month before release or maybe another one soon and that way it would increase more. . .would hype be the right word here?

Either way, I would like to know how many Monsters (excluding the pre-order DLC one) are included in the initial release! My guess is three for some reason! :metal:


I’ve always thought there’d be about 6. 3 seems kinda short in my opinion, if you take into consideration the amount of time spent making the game, I think above 5 is likely. Maybe it’s just me, I dunno. But there’s no way to tell really, it’s all just blind guesses :wink: