Variable Resurrection Time & Icon by Name


Q1. Does anyone know why when a player dies, they have a variable amount of time to be resurrected? I’ve seen values range from 8s to 45s.

Q2. What does the red symbol by my character mean when in lobby? I thought it might mean I’m using the Elite Skin, but I’ve had times where I had the skin selected and it didn’t show up.

  1. I don’t know the answer to this one, @MacMan might
  2. It means you have Elite status with that character.


You mean from death right? In rescue, the survivors have a very short time. Hunter teammates have a longer time. Should be consistent though.


It isn’t. Wish I could have gotten some footage, but this is PC Hunt mode, and there have been times that the moment the player “died”, I had 8 seconds to resurrect them. Bug maybe? As for the “Elite Icon” there have been times after I’ve gotten the skin, was using Lazarus, and it did not show. But at least I know what it represents now.


The icon doesn’t have anything to do with what skin you have on. It just means that you have earned three stars with all that character’s gear. Tells everyone else in the server that you’ve put in your time. :wink:

The inconsistent timer sounds like a bug. You should have 45 seconds. Oh, unless the dropship is going to spawn. The timer might change then.


Good to hear @Macman. I can’t confirm whether the < 45s timers were due to a respawn wave. I wasn’t paying attention to that. Nice to clarify the icon. I moused over it but there was no tooltip or information.