Valve is dead: pay for mods





Good thing TRS split off.

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at work, cant go to steam website. what is it?

I thought you meant Moderators…I was confused.

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I don’t get it, haven’t you always been able to sell stuff from the workshop? Like all the Dota items and things? Or am I just not understanding

I believe you were able to sell items, but now people can make mods which you need to pay to us

I think that the problem is that they’re taking a hefty 75% cut, that and how will the payment work for mods which incorporated other peoples work

Ah alright
This may or may not end up a trainwreck then :confused:

Total biscuit did a video about the new payment stuff, it was really well made and explains all the issues and advantages of it.

I’m not 100% up to speed on this thing, but I can see both great utility & benefit from this setup as well as how this could be very bad.

I’ve always enjoyed mods, but over time I’d say I wouldn’t have bought a single one of them. Most mods I used to get were simple, fun, and often times provided a lot of trivial but entertaining changes that kept me playing the game and not spending money on a new/different one. If its down to paying money for mods, why bother?

But then there is the other side where I’m sure a lot of mods are complex and time consuming and would benefit from any sale at all, whereas capacity to sell before was quite limited. Even if you consider the 25% very low (which, it most likely is very low,) a good part of marketing, sales, and distribution is now taken care of for you. Having it in a centralized and officially-supported location greatly improves access and stability.

But its going to be predictable what is going to happen: every cheap mod is going to be put on sale, the market filled with crap to sift through, and mods that would have provides hours (days?) of entertainment lose their value since $$$ doesn’t always equal “fun”; most of the time its a moment of opportunity for the gamer, a spontaneous “that looks fun!” that gets them to download the mod.

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How could anyone be upset when you can by this adorable cirtter for 30 cents?!


It is bad.Let me clarify that i never played skyrim or gta with mods nor i care much about them.But right now every modder will want to sell them.Also Valve takes 75% of the money and the creator 25%.That is what happening with sets being created for Dota2 as well.I mean yeah its good Valve does promotes you and give you a small cut.

But about mods?Nop.They are creating them and they don’t need any promote.But Valve will still get the 75%.Plus mod+pay=something new that no1 likes and we can get why.

Pretty sure if this hatetrain keeps going Valve will not continue with it.They are not idiots.