Valve Adds New Clause to Steam Distribution Agreement, Could Block Epic Store Exclusivity

Steam has updated its terms for developers and publishers to seemingly ban them from announcing the game for the platform, only to back out later for exclusivity on another platform.

The news comes from an alleged screenshot (via Reddit) of Steam’s terms of service for those who wish to sell a game through their Steamworks program. The thing to make note of is the first segment of section 2 – Delivery (2.1).

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I’m not sure I understand the new clause. It just sounds like you need to apply for a Steam release within a month of release, which isn’t the time a lot of games have been taking to switch to EGS exclusivity.


… it was in there to begin with…

Valve’s still silent on the matter, but I’m surprised they haven’t tried to enforce this part of their developer agreement. That part of the clause has existed since 2011 (according to Sid - the videomaker), and likely earlier than that (I don’t know an exact date, I haven’t researched into the topic extensively).

It’s still some murky language, but long story short, a developer abiding by this agreement cannot have 2 different versions of the game (I.E. One in beta on Steam and one in as a final release on another platform) for an extended period of time and must release their commercial product on Steam within 30 days of their previous commercial release to abide by the agreement.

Technically, the developers (and publishers) that have been entertaining the idea of a timed exclusive of more than a month with Epic could be held liable and in breach of contract with Valve if they decided to go after them for it.

In Valve’s shoes I’d certainly go after Deep Silver in this instance as they have a perfectly valid reason to; let’s face it, it’d be a massively good PR stunt for little effort on their part (I’d assume). We’ll have to see though, personally, unless they act on it, it’s of little consequence.


^ what above said.

It has been there.Valve just doesn’t enforce it.And it seems to be working good for them.Why bother with it,get into legal arguments with developers who are going to be their customer anyway later on.

Plus they have the public with them.Everytime a new EGS exclusive is announced,everyone hates both the publisher+Epic.While Valve does absolutely nothing besides adding more features to their store and being silent

PS.Really hoping TRS doesn’t get screwed from WB and release on exclusivity bullshit.Don’t wanna see another of their games failing