Val's Tranquilizer was made in China?



…or at least the one I’ve been using last night.

Am I missing something here?
Do the tranqs no longer work outside combat?
Did the Monster somehow stack so many movement speed perks that the tranq effects only reduced his speed to normal?
Does Goliath no longer give a fuck?


yes you are missing something,your shots :^)


He gets hit markers though. I have had this bug with Val, Rogue Val, BOTH Abes AND Cabot’s Railgun.

I get hit markers but get no effect or damage. This really is a bug as far as I can see, and i’m not the only one. Everyone on my team (Roachers) has had the same bug.


sure youre not playin RVal


Yes, some monster seem not be affected at all by them on top of that even with stasis by trappers.
I am not sure if Tranq was nerfed so badly that it has become ineffective or some monster perks make them ineffective or it is just a bug