Val's tranqs versus stasis


If i recall correctly, Val’s tranquil slows the monster more than the stasis gun and grenades, correct?

Edit: tranquil is meant to be tranqs


It seems to be the same. Stasis works better than the tranq on Behemoth though. I haven’t tested this so take my words with a grain of salt. Just observations.


Oh, for behemoth that’s probably the slow bug he gets for his rolls when he is slowed depending on what environment he is on. It makes his traversal speed slower than it should be


It’s the other way around, stasis grenades overtake tranq when both are shot at monster, thus should the stasis be better.


Stasis Grenades have a more potent slowing effect, so when combined the game takes them over tranqs.


I think you got the word tranquil, mixed with tranquilizer. @ROOST_er

One’s a medicinal drug taken to reduce tension or anxiety. In this case, you force the monster to calm down; and be sluggish.

Tranquil is more of a state of emotion. More along the lines, “to be free from disturbance”.

One’s forced, one’s achieved. ^.^
Val doesn’t shoot tranquility. :smile:


they are the same though I’ve been told Abe’s is slightly stronger, but Val’s tranqs feels stronger because you cannot escape them like Abe’s stasis are.

I know Abe’s does, if you know what I mean?


I like you! ^.^
Keep making me laugh though.


Ah, I didn’t realize I made that error in wording. I know the difference in the words, just didnt see my mistake


No worries, I was merely teasing you.
I’m not that much of a jerk. ^.-


Also, it was suppose to be tranqs, not tranquil


Mhmm. Kind of what I meant. ^.-

Tranq is simply short for tranquilizer.


I always remembered it was the opposite. The only reason I asked was cause someone on reddit said they are equal and it made me question what i knew about them. It doesn’t feel like the stasis makes me slower than the tranqs


The tranqs feel like they are more potent whenever I was on the receiving end of one


Deva confirmed that Stasis is more potent.

Nothing else to it.


good to know