Vals Tranqs Suggestion

As some of you may know I currently am not playing evolve, because I am on vacation. But I still try my best to stay connected to the forums to “keep my head above the water” for my return on monday. But to be honest, most of what I’m seeing is “OP” threads and now of all charcters Val is being targeted by people. So I thought that maybe instead of just calling things op like her tranqs we should find a solution that dosn’t make her “UP”. And I think that they should model the tranq gun to work more like real tranquilizer and have a progressional system to it. The more tranqs you get into a monster =The more you affect it. Increase the clip size to 5, change duration to 5 secs, every consecutive tranq adding .1secs to their own time limit. See summary below. Possibly we can even take body size into account as well. Wraith being smaller = More effect, Behemoth being largest = Less effect. Like a lightweight drinker compared to a person with more body mass.

In summary:

  1. Progressional system for tranqs: 1 tranq/little effect, 3 tranqs/same effect as now, 5 tranqs/max effect
    Edit: Effect stacks by time limit, 1 tranq only adds affect while it is active, not until the last one hit wears off. Each consecutive tranq adding .1 second to its own duration. This makes it more of a time/reward type ability.

  2. Take into account body mass, Wraith affected more/Behemoth affected less
    Edit: Unless there are further changes in evolve considering base movement speed, body mass can not be a fair adaptation to all monsters. Only add if there are changes to base movement speed.

Body Mass would cause balancing issues. before it may have been fine but now that (I think) all monsters have the same movement speed it wouldn’t integrate well.

I enjoy the idea doe

I just feel as long as it didn’t negate movement speed perk I would be fine. Going from bullet train to snail speed because your out of stamina sucks.

Yeah thats true, I’m just looking at it realisticly, like if you use the same strength tranq on a dog as you would a moose. You get what I’m saying?

Yeah, I do. Only problem is dog isn’t going to complain about balancing issues.

Yeah its far fetched just because of the movement speed, they would have to readjust every monsters base movement speed to embrace the idea of body mass, still a progressional system would be better I think. More drugs = More sleepy time. Affects all monsters the same.

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I like this idea. May hurt Wraith a lot though.

Dog would die or moose wouldn’t even notice.

It’s apparently a rather fine line slightly too much you stop breathing too little you don’t even feel it.

Would kill wraith already too slow it’d either end up with wraith being massively affected or behemoth not even noticing.

Not a bad idea at all

Well, if you exclude the body mass portion, it’s a good idea. More tranqs = more slow (up to a max) However, the duration shouldn’t stack but act like it does now and just reset.

I am thinking of excluding body mass as a contributing factor, the game as it stands could not support such a diverse mechanic for Val, as I was considering monsters before their base movement speed became the same.

Don’t like body mass idea - if needed it could be rebalanced per monster.

It’s a neat idea, but it wouldn’t work. Val only has time for 1 tranq in combat, while keeping herself alive, and her team. So its have to be string enough to help Val stay alive, but on the chase, firing 3 would be pretty easy, making it impossible for the monster to get away…

I do like the stacking idea, but in my opinion, they should change how tranqs work. As in, they only slow the monster, not outline him. Seriously, val is the only one in the game, whos ability not only slows the monster, but also outlines it. U could ask then, why doesent crows statis outline the monster, or cabots dusttagging slow the monster? Heck, why doesent gobi slow the monster if he outlines it? Im just sayn, val is a medic, not a trapper, tranq is a mean of self preservation, not a tracking device.

Thats the point, vals a healer so she should be focused on healing during the fight and then on the chase she will have to more persistant with tranqs to slow the monster, I did not say that the max strength of the tranqs would be any stronger than they are right now, I simply explained the ladder for tranqs. If this mechanic comes into play, I am leaving the total strength of each tranq for the devs to decide.

This has got to be the best suggestion yet

If the Max strength of the tranqs are equal to what the strength currently is, then that means 1 tranq will be weaker. A kiting
Val being focused might only have time for 1 tranq before focusing on kiting, therefore decreasing her self sustain, and her strength on the chase (will have to fire 3 darts on the chase)

If Max tranq strength is less than current, then you’ve nerfed Val’s sustainability and usefulness on the chase

If Max tranq strength is greater than before, you’ve boosted her chasing, making it almost impossible for monsters to get away vs a Griffin (with reload perk), Sunny (with either reload/cap/move speed) and Val. And you’ve either decreased her sustainability in fights, increased it (buffed both pretty damn well (too well)) or kept it the same, but that would just equate to her getting a chase buff, which I don’t believe she needs.

Personally, I don’t think she needs any of these.

So it’d have to be combined with something else. Probably capacity nerf to 2 tranqs, and a slight duration nerf. That’d be with 1 tranq being almost as effective or equally effective to how it currently is

I personally think that if they increased the duration and implemented the progressional system, increasing the magazine of bullets to five, and making it so that if you hit 3 it is the strength right now and progressing till 5 for full strength, it would be alot better. Also note that each tranq would have its own time limit so if you hit the monster with 1 tranq two seconds earlier than the second, then the monster would lose the stacked effects of both two seconds earlier and lose all effect entirely once both wore off.

Edit: I changed the summary on my post to showcase new changes to my idea.

Stacking with time limits, 1 tranqs only adds effect for it duration. Not until the last tranq hit wears off.