Vals tranq shot vs Wraith


You mine as well make it a stun vs wraith as movement is non-existent. Meanwhile when I tranq goliath as Val, he’s still able to get a half map distance away.


Yeah, Wraith’s mobility is pretty screwed currently. Best bet, is to avoid the possibility of it. If you do get tranq’d, your only option is to save traversals, and burst away; or break line of sight. Abe+Sunny combo can fuck you over as well, so try to avoid that by stealthing until you’re ready to engage.


I played a team one time as Wraith where Val and Griffin basically just stunlocked me for like 30 seconds if they time it right it’s almost impossible to get away from depending on where you are on the map. The cheese level was off the charts.


Yeah pungent French cheese😣


I had a wraith match recently with a Val / Crow combo. Traq-Statsis-Tranq-Stasis-Tranq-STASIS-TRANQ-SHEESH I JUST WANTED A SNACK!!! :sob: It was the worst thing that’s ever happened to my poor wraith…the support player I was in party with for the drop in felt so bad for me he dropped an orbital on Val to let me get away for a few seconds, lol…

…You seriously can’t move. >.>;;


That’s because of the difference in their traversals. Wraith never traveled all that far in one Warp, but it’s even less now and you move more slowly; Warp Blast as well, and when you reach the end you’re locked into the animation so they can just line up another shot. Wraiths need to use all their warps to get away and always need to break LOS as quickly as possible, or you’re looking at a perma-stun situation. Decoy becomes useful in this situation, but only after you break LOS with the Hunters so at least you can change direction without them being right on your tail.

Goliath’s ability to traversal out of most CC has always bothered me - it doesn’t matter if his movement is slowed or he’s walking in a stasis grenade if he can jump like 30M away in any direction. I always felt like Goliath’s traversal distance should be reduced when he’s under slow effects.


See, THIS is why we can’t have nice things…

(Why monster isn’t enabled when playing in a party)


The potential to skew the game is too great…I still wish there was some way to do it, though. For monster players who also dabble in that “social” thing now and than. / end off-topic thought / :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


An old topic, that has not been corrected yet. Video included.