Val's Tranq is what makes me play her. Please don't change it!


I absolutely love the utility it gives her. I just pop a tranq into the monster and help my team and even my own survivability by slowing them down. I know she might not HEAL as well as Caira but she sure does make the monster’s life a living hell while still doing respectable healing.


I played Caira until you made the tranq change with Val and now Val is 100x more fun. Please do not reduce the 10 seconds of tranq because honestly I need that duration to be able to have enough time to actually move from the monster and switch weapons to heal. Anything shorter is just a weapon switching nightmare for a medic every few seconds making healing NOT fun.

Pop a tranq, maybe a weakspot and focus on keeping the team alive while not getting pounded. Anything less than 10 seconds for tranq means a switching weapons constantly.


Behemoths rock wall makes mine a living hell as a medic? A good leap smash makes it a hell to heal everyone hit by it?

I’m proud that my tranqs make a difference. ANYTHING effective makes the monsters life a living hell. EVERYTHING from a Parnell who knows when to pop SS and aim to a Val who can aim the tranq well while balancing healing will make life hard for a monster and let us KILL it? You know the POINT of the game?

I’m a rank 45 goliath, Val’s tranq is annoying but so is every other ability that is balanced like SS, well placed mines, Crows stasis gun etc. Man the hell up and save the crying for abilities that need to be addressed like torvalds spamming rain of doom or Sunny’s auto-hank drone.


Keep it civil in here. Feel free to disagree, but don’t attack others for their opinions.


Speaking of hyperbole, you’re the one complaining about the ability. A living hell is to be taken how I meant it not how your mind is twisting it. The purpose of hunt is to make life a hell for a monster or make life a hell for a hunter team. No one hugs the other team to death. It is NO hyperbole to suggest that a hank who knows what hes doing makes life a hell for the monster.

Stop complaining over semantics because I’m not here to tutor you on word usage.


It is hard when you’re seeing both sides of the fence. Monster players who complain that anything that makes it less than easy to win is wrong or hunters who think they need more advantages to win.


(I read that as word sausage.)

Agreeing with Madd here.

And honestly, as much as I understand the need for Val to have a Tranq gun, I’d love it to be a little less… lengthy. It’s hard enough to find a snack as is without rollin in the slow lane.


I disagree 100%. We need different playstyles between medic and that means that medics can use their other abilities effectively. I need a strong incentive to use anything other than the medgun when the monster is killing everyone and a 10 sec tranq buys us all breathing room.


As long as Traversals aren’t affected by it, I’d much rather have her be a viable healer rather than a Utility char. Especially because her third tool is essentially useless. No marker is worth the time you waste not healing (given her shitty healrate) and her Tranqs. Unless her Tranqs affect Traversal abilities (which would be kinda OP, I think. Maybe reduce time but add Traversal affection) or give her a good third new tool instead of the weak point sniper, I want her to get improve healing, even at the expense of her Tranqs.


I’m not saying get rid of the Tranq gun. It’s still gonna slow me down enough that orbital strikes, mines, mortars, etc. etc. etc. are going to make me into a very very sad boulder-monster, I’m just saying It’s giving you vision and a movement debuff to apply to me… Both of which are trapper things.

Snacktime isn’t fun when you’ve got a tranq in yer butt. :frowning:


If you don’t mind that tranqs, especially combined with stasis/harpoons/Sunny ruin the game for monsters, then there isn’t much I can tell you.

You really shouldn’t be doing anything other than healing in that scenario, anyways.


…Brings up an interesting thought.

Val might be designed to set up fights - Slow down the monster, give it weak points, and then be a fairly low-end healer when the fight begins…


Val requires hunters who can kite and dodge abilities effectively. Her healing is fine if the monster can only hit his or her weak but hard to dodge abilities (like fire breath or banshee mines) and the monster is walking slow.

If the hunters can pull that off, then the weakpoints can really start to add up, damage wise.


ITs ironic because it takes no effort as kraken to make 50% of the hunter roster useless lmfao.


What exactly about what I said is ironic?


Nothing, Bacon. Lazer’s just on a bit of a tangent right now, 4 posts in just as many minutes about Kraken being OP. I doubt he reads into the topics he’s posting in.


Your complaining that val sucks all the fun out of the monster with little effort while kraken sucks all the fun out for the majority of hunters with no effort.


Citation needed? I don’t remember defending the Kraken; I will, if you’ld like. Anyways, it’s rather irrelevant to this discussion. There are tons of Kraken threads. The game can and should be fun for both sides.


Mm. I’ll take fun over a win any day. If I’ve successfully sneaky-sneaky’d around the hunters and given them an intense match, who cares who wins and who loses.


So would I, but I feel like the game is shifting away from that and towards more of a ‘must climb the leaderboards’ mentality. The devs seem confused about whether we want fun or just to win, but they appear to be siding with ‘win’. Hence the Tier 4 abilities like spore cloud or jetpack booster, the constant nerfing of monsters’ mobility, the spammy abilities, etc.

I miss feeling dangerous as a monster or feeling like a badass as a hunter. Now it’s less epic battles and more like ‘wait for the enemy to make a mistake and cripple them permanently’. Something needs to be done to make the game balanced but still enjoyable.


Or you could be like me and just ignore the leaderboards entirely.

Me, I play the monster like I play DM in Dungeons and Dragons. I try to win, but I also try to make it the most exciting match possible for both sides (fighting i interesting locations, tense incap standoffs, etc.). There may be a growing demand for highly competitive play, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun while you’re doing it.