Val's tranq + Griffin harpoon combo - Too strong


I’ve had a few matches like this as monster with what to me amounts to a huge amount of cheese and unbalanced play.

Basically it’s just Val tranq darting you over and over again while Griffin harpoon guns you over and over again. The two combined makes it virtually impossible to get away from the Hunters even with 20 pct run speed perk, especially at Stage 1.

Also I think this may be bolstered by Wraiths gimped traversal which is the monster I generally play lately.


break LOS. use decoy to fool them. save your traversals for a corner you can see and dip around. if they tranq you just walk. the traversal will be better used after. if you notice the tranq runs out. try to hide or change direction while throwing the decoy.or not. they cant see where you are now.

its a strat that relies on strategy. when the dome is down soon. set up and escape route. hit val and then scram. zig zag to make it hard to land the tranq. griffins harpoons are good but vals tranq is whats keeping u pinned.


You forget to mention Sunny and her jetpack booster. Yeah, sure “break LOS l2p” with that combo all the way.


If the Hunters do it right you can’t break LOS. I wish I had a video to show how easy it is to abuse against Wraith but I don’t have one right now. You literally move at a snails pace and it’s a timing thing between the tranq and the harpoon. They just alternate back and forth.


If you are playing Wraith, put two points into Warp and one into Decoy so you can evade early game. Then go for what makes you feel like a beast once you have the drop on the hunters.


Wraith’s traversal is fine still, just remember to use terrain to your advantage and, perhaps, Decoy to throw the Hunters off your trail.

Even with Sunny and Val the Monster has a huge mobility advantage, particularly in terrain which you can climb far faster than the Hunters.

Evolve’s maps are stock full of Los breaks for you to use.


hey bud. I came up with this comp in the beta and everyone said its weak bcuz val is useless compared to caira. now she gets a minor buff and everyone cries op.

so my teamcomp iv been trying to run since release date in tournies is now too strong because ppl finally found out? nope. it was strong before vals buffs. I could do it when it was only 6 seconds of tranq.

if i make a comp I think of all the ways to break it in case i run into it. im a monster main first and foremost. so i know how to beat it.


Think of it this way… If this is really all they do, that is 2 hunters not shooting/damaging you. Break the poon and use traversals… Seems pretty simple to me.

Why would stage 1 have any change? Max speed is the same through all 3 stages.


Breaking LoS is still possible with sunny, she just counters that a bit. Don’t pull that ‘sunny makes the game impossible waah’…


It’s almost impossible to beat at Stage 1 in a wide open area. The last time I was hit with this cheese was on Aviary I had nowhere to go and you move so slow anyway doesn’t matter. Wraiths traversal is gimped so it effects her even worse.


It is not that simple trust me, play against a Val and Griffin that know how to time it perfectly and use Wraith. You are perma-snared. You’re only option is to hope to get lucky and phase blast far enough away to break the chain.


Tranq lasts 10 seconds, can be reapplied technically indefinitely. I don’t see how this can be timed with Griffin.

Really tranq is just a thing you have to deal with, and harpoons just need to be dealt with like any other harpoon. React quickly, try not to invest too much into a combo if you know his poon is reloaded.

Edit: Or go after griffin. His poons are less useful when you move towards him. Then if val uses her medgun, she stops tranqing you.


Dude aviary is the best! it has 8 tunnels and TONS of high rising cliffs to dip around. if you have been tranqs or harpooned and u feel them breathing on you. try to land a vortex on both. or preferably val. then dip away. use the terrain and lead them to the big baddies.

my favorite thing to do is rock throw/vortex anyone burning all jetpack over a tyrant. they are screwed after that lol

@KingWut117 actually griffins harpoon is dealing damage. so it actually helps in the aid of escape. i hate it when im griffin lol.


Not really any significant damage though :stuck_out_tongue:
That’s really all it does is aid a monster’s escape.

Just stay on top of breaking those poons!


Val + Griffin is nothing more than go and sneak stage 1, get to stage 2 and make sure you evolve safe. Kill some wildlife close to you before you evolve so you have armor right after. Keep going for it and before you try to go for stage 3 try to get at least 2 or 3 strikes in if you have full armor. Let them try to get you every time, just remember that both Val and Griffin have absolutely no defensive skills whatsoever.

Add sunny to this mix though and things might get tough. You won’t get rid of Griffin, and most monsters try to get away all the time. Turn around and break his face.


Val is pretty much wraiths counter. Slows cripple wraith far beyond any other monster because of her transversal. Wraith relies on standard walking movement so much. It’s just going to be a tough match regardless of trapper.


Well with Griffin she is guaranteed to be able to perma-snare you. That extra one second it takes to swipe the harpoon is all it takes.


Yeah this hurts as Wraith. The only advice I can give is simply to break line of sight. Both tranqs and poons are skillshots. When facing this team comp I’ll never run in a straight line, I’ll always move left to right sporadically, move behind trees and rocks, jump off things, etc.


you can also turn and face them. wraith moves pretty dam fast backwards lol. itll help dodge griffins harpoons and u can still warp. goodluck dodgin vals stuff tho. decoys punch her in the face pretty well .