Val's Tranq Final Mastery


I’m having a hard time figuring that one out. Does it require me to wait for the previous tranq to wear before firing again, or can I just spam volley after volley so long as I’m 60+ meters away?


Unless it changed you have to have it one after the other. So wait for it to wear off and then tranq again.


Not 100% certain here but I believed I spammed it and got my mastery done fairly easy (note I finished the tier 3 ap sniper challenge in one game of defend)


It HAS to be spam…able. Compared to Abes mastery of the tracking dart(hit the monster 15 times), it would take way to long. But I don’t know myself. Just writing for later answer


You have to wait.


I have elited Val, and I know that you have to wait for one to wear off. So don’t spam them. Take your time, pick your shots, and do not hurry yourself. Don’t shoot again until that green outline is gone.

Also, if you’re on PC? The balance patch is out now. You’re going to have a hard time. Ten second tranqs, man. :stuck_out_tongue:


Fire up solo mode, play 1 round of defend, tranq the monster from >60m 20 times, you’ll be done after 1 game.


No wonder it took so long…ugh


I can confirm you don’t need to wait. Waiting constantly only applies to duration witch is the second tranq mastery. Played a solo match in defend and spammed the tranq gun. Went from 50 to 75 to 100% ingame. Had it been required to wait for the last one it would have taken multiple solo matchs.


So…Then I spent…But that means I…Wha-…Why…


So I got upset by the last task.

I tranq in about 10online games the monster def. in an range more than 60m. No single count. And that even Val’s sniper rifle is a hell of inaccuracy.

Than I read this. Than I’d made a single game. And than I did it. 10 times. After that I got back to game and won my price.