Val's Tranq Darts + Wraith's Decoy


I noticed a new bug today, I was playing as Val and went up against a Wraith which is all fine and dandy, while fighting her I managed to keep her tranq’d whenever I had eyes on her but I noticed something odd. One of the first times I tranq’d her at Stage 1 she popped a decoy and like normal, the Wraith’s effects are carried over to the decoy so I saw the decoy outlined from the tranq. From that first decoy and the rest of the game whenever the Wraith created a decoy whether she was currently tranq’d or not that decoy had the outline of being tranq’d and I could see it through walls. I don’t remember if it had decreased speed but I remember it was a problem because whenever we were following her or anything if she made a decoy I’d be able to see it through walls and see where she was and direct my team there. Just felt it should be addressed because I’m not sure if it’s an unknown/new glitch.

Wraith Decoy Bug (XB1)
Wraith Decoy Bug (XB1)

Only the tracking part is given to the decoy. The slow down is never taken.


Wait so…you were able to see the decoy even when you didn’t tranq the wraith?

When you tranq a wraith and then decoy it used, the visibility swaps to the decoy. This happens with abes darts as well, but visibility (or abes tracker) switches back to the wraith after decoy is used up if there was still a bit left on the tranq/tracker dart. That’s normal. But if you suddenly were able to see the decoy regardless of whether or not you tranq’ed the wraith before hand, then that is a major issue. Is this the case?


I have experienced the same bug and it has been reported here before: Val high-lighting decoys even though they aren't tranq. All platforms

every time the wraith popped a decoy, the decoy was highlighted and visible, even if we were at the wrong end of the map, so definitely no tranq on the wraith at that moment.

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yea i had this today too. i had so many lags in this game so i only got 2 tranqs on wraith but everytime she used decoy it was flashing green (at least for me) during chasing. (on pc)


Yes, that is the case. If I tranq’d the Wraith then she used decoy it would perform like normal but after the first time, regardless of whether or not the Wraith was tranq’d prior to the decoy, the decoy could be seen through walls. At least by me anyway.


Maybe a new tatic the Wraith is using to troll the hunters :smile:


I wish the tranqs sedated the decoy completely as in not making it attack. That would be awesome. I’m still trying to figure out why sometimes when decoy is used the decoy itself will just stand around and give you a staredown. I wanna know so I can exploit it against the wraith.


Yes, I have seen this bug before this recently. What system are you on? Thank you for the info!


I’m a PC person.


May I ask, do you experience this with any other monster other than Wraith? Or does this seem like primarily a Wraith issue?


Only a wraith issue, it doesn’t seem to be happening to other monsters.

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@Shaners This happend to us today and its only happening on wraith with decoy and no other monster


Just wanted to chime in with another anomaly very similar to this that I experienced with wraith about 2 days ago. We were seeing the wraiths decoy light up through the wall just like this, but we had no characters on the team capable of providing this effect, No Val, no cabot, etc.

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Thank you. That’s another awesome point. I will add it on!


I don’t know if it’s still happening as I haven’t played in over a month but I used to regularly see kraken particle effects through walls on pc


Still happens. Happens with a decent amount of other particle stuff too.


I REALLY hate this glitch with the laz device where you go through the WHOLE animation and no res. That’s BS right there. Seriously, this is beyond annoying.


Only seen it on wraith so far.

as people have mentioned particle effects: when kraken evolves, i can see some white shimmering through walls from him. always thought it was a feature, but maybe it’s a bug as well.


Apparently you can see the wraith through walls too. It supposedly emits a bright orange colour when it evolves. And you can see it through walls.

Speaking or visual and particale effects. Crows rifle when zoomed and charged is kinda hard to see thanks to the charged effects partially blocking your view.