Val's "Standing" Heal


A few people I know believe that Val’s medgun heals faster when Val is stationary.
I went back and looked at past patch notes and it says “Val’s standing heal increased to 110 hps”. Can anyone shed light on the validity of this rumour?
If it’s false, what does standing heal refer to?
If it’s true, how fast does the medgun heal when not standing still? And what does “standing heal” mean exactly.
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standing heal means a hunter that is not incaped. hence standing


wow that was fast, so it’s false?


im quick like that when im awake. lol.

its a misunderstanding basically. but yes, standing as in up and moving.

Val’s healing on a standing player is different that her healing on an incapped player.


It refers to the position of the person receiving the healing not val’s position


Ah ok I see.


Just to elaborate on this (and i KNOW you know this! This isnt for you :stuck_out_tongue: Its for anyone else who may not know this!)- most (all? id need to double check, but i know at a minimum most lol) medics have some degree of variance between healing a standing hunter, and healing a downed hunter.


any other questions for me?


How long does it take for wildlife to decay? and does it depend on how many meats they have.
How do kraken’s running and flight speeds vary with it’s stage?


All wildlife decay in about 2 and a half mins. i know it does for hunters, for wildlife, it might, however i hadn’t seen any changes

the movement speed of ALL monsters remain the same. no matter what stage they are. What occurs however is as the larger you are (stage 3 for ex), the slower you feel. however, you’re still moving at the same speed as your stage 1 counterpart.
Kraken “glides/flies” are 9m/s
run speed is 7.5


The only thing that meats changes is how much you can eat. I believe it was either 30 or 45 seconds for 1 ‘meat’ to disappear to a min. of 1 meat. Regardless of meat strength it will decay after 2.5 mins for wildlife.


oh ok thanks. So a kraken with ms runs faster than it flys, pretty interesting.
I know I had more questions, things I wanted to test out myself, just can’t remember right now lol.


in a way yes. however, if you’re running, you have to climb and go around objects. where as flying doesnt. so you may be able to move faster, but flying will get around/past things faster


true but you can also combo the running with sneak pouncing for extra speed. What i do sometimes is quickly burst into the air and use all my traversals, land, run and sneak pounce roughly every 2 seconds while waiting for traversals to recharge, then repeat.


just in case, its a good thing to wait until the first burst of speed starts to slow down before doing another one as stacking the bursts dont make you go after faster.

in case you spammed them just a tip


Right. I think it’s similar to jetpack boosting.


I’m sure you don’t have these numbers to hand, but it would be nice to get a comparison on the medics alt-hps. Self healing, healing standing others and healing incapped others, including heal bursts. In particular for Caira and Val.

  • Val

    • Medgun
      • Standing Alt-Heal: 69
      • Incap Alt-Heal: 110
      • Self Alt-Heal: 0
  • Caira

    • Healing Grenades
      • Standing Alt-Heal: 80.6
      • Incap Alt-Heal: 122.5
      • Self Alt-Heal: 38.7

i can do healbursts too, however those have some extra variables because the Alt-Heal depends on how many of each hunter is healed. like 3 standing + self, 2 standing + 1 incap + self etc.


Thanks for that.
Yeah I think it would be best to assume healing 1 other hunter, such as was done for caira’s gun. I mean you can’t really compare them without also factoring in heal bursts.
For example would be interesting to see who has the theorectical best self sustain out of val caira and rougue val.
Also do you happen to know rougue’s incap alt heal including the passive healing? I know already this is very high.


Self: 44
1 Standing hunter + 1 self: 70.56

Self: 18.9
1 Standing + 1 self: 37.8

R. Val
(self) Passive = 10
(self) Healburst = 64.8

(incap) Passive = 30