Val's sniper


If they buffed the reload time from 1.7 seconds to 1.4 seconds would she be too powerful then? Because if anyone knows that pairing val with a mammth bird buff doubles her dps…which turns gets into the insane category.

A quick example: mammoth bird buff

each shot does what 150 dmg? So cut her reload in half and you get .8 seconds. In 4 shots (3.2 seconds) she can do 600 dmg on TOP of giving the team a 2x dmg bonus (or 1.5 if you hit limbs or a 4x if you hit a weakspot).

600 is pretty high for a medic. She would actually be competing with trapper dmg or sunny/cabot dmg (it comes somewhat close).

What do you think?


If anything needs buffing on her Sniper Rifle it should be her weak points. They don’t really contribute enough to a fight and only certain weapons benefit from it.

The rifle should be used for its utility, but frankly it feels like the other way around because I don’t expect anything to come out of the weak points I just put.


Well each weakpoint lasts 14-15 seconds so…I’m not sure how many weakpoints you can put in before they override one another.

Well considering most hunters have bullet type weapons (only cabot and sunny are left out)


If they improved her fire rate but reduced her damage, there would be more targets to shoot. I would say her accuracy with the sniper needs to be more consistent. Jetpacking around disrupts her accuracy too much.


If you are taking multiple shots in succession as Val then you are either a bad Val, or the monster is just… awful.

You should be a on medgun as often as possible, and tranquilizer if you don’t need to use it. The sniper rifle should only ever be in use if all of your teammates have full health and the monster is already tranqued. Generally speaking of course. It’s different if the monster actually somehow allows your team to consistently have full health in a typical combat scenario, which just means the monster is bad.

That said, I do think that the weakpoints need a buff. I feel they rarely contribute much to the overall damage (going off of the averages I see when I complete a game as Val). I think that an increase to the weakpoint size would be a beneficial buff.

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I agree, I think the weak points themselves aren’t the problem, just that they are very difficult to hit with the monster moving so much.
Perhaps do a dart board type thing? Several rings, closer tot he center = a higher multiplier?

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I switch all 3 of her gear. Simply because putting all 3 tranqs at once barely does anything. So spacing them out is my best course of action. And sliding in rifle shots per tranq helps. Then back to the medgun. It’s why I use weapons switch with Val.

Val gains 100% accuracy when ADS ANYTIME. Whether that be Jetpacking, falling whatever. As long you you ADS with her rifle whatever you point at…it WILL hit.


@DarkMesa Val already has the largest weakspots out of all the medics.

@AscendedOne Accuracy should be disrupted by jetpacking. Basic physics, the only person who shouldn’t is Lennox.

@FengShuiEnergy Crow also doesn’t have a bullet weapon.

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Not arguing with physics. I believe it would be better for the game if she lost less accuracy or perhaps none at all from jetpacking.


The kinetic rifle is like a rail gun. Fires bullets via magnets. Oddly enough though the charge shots can’t hit weakpoints.


No, it shouldn’t.


She doesn’t lose accuracy when ADS.


K, but it is harder to shoot at closer targets when she is zoomed in.

I think using the jetpack causes the sniper to basically become unusuable due to the drop in accuracy. As a secondary piece of equipment I do not see the harm in giving her some extra accuracy.


Eh, it’s a sniper…not meant for close combat. I don’t mind how the accuracy is now. I could see a ncie little reload buff though. But then her DPS would probably be to good.


Maybe more but not perfect. I mean your gun is being pulled down by gravity while you are lifted from you back against gravity.


I don’t think the hunters studied law.


Well it isn’t really used in long range combat. When do you use it at 60+ meters? I would like it if the weapon was geared toward the 25-40 meter range since long range combat doesn’t occur often in the game.


All the time. I cycle through all her kit in quick succession.


Well, that type of range doesn’t really occur in a dome. I would say that it is unlikely for you to be deep in combat if you are 60+ meters away. The most likely scenario for it to occur it with any actual use would be when the monster is disengaging after a dome where he took health damage. Other scenarios would probably be limited to pecking on armor or denying feeding.


I try and stay at long range in a dome all the time anyway. I find it fine. Just need some good positioning and TM’s who can dodge well.