Vals Sniper Rifle


How many hits does it take to make a difference in your teams ability to do more damage with weak spots. Ie. Do I need to hit it with 5-10 weak spots?
Also how long does the weak spots stay on the monster?

Lastly…can I do damage with the Sniper Rifle or does it just add a hit marker for my team to target?


It really depends on your team as to how many weak points are needed, both their accuracy and the weapons they’re using affect it. A good hank player just needs the one. Whereas bucket and his turrets nee more to get the most out of them

And yes your sniper does damage on its own


I generally use the sniper as a luxury weapon. I try to get a few shots in here and there but I would focus primarily on keeping the team alive and slowing the monster. The extra damage spots don’t matter if everyone is dead. And to answer your question I would say about three spots at the most. Any more than that and you run the risk of losing a teammate in a fight


It’s best if you can put the weakspots on the head or main body (head provides the highest damage multiplier)