Val's sniper rifle with automatic fire?


I played a game against Val (human, not a bot) and she fired her sniper rifle at me at the speed of Lazarus’ rifle, like it’s on automatic fire and not bolt action. How?? Did the player cheat?


Val cannot fire at Laz’s rate with the sniper rifle…not even close. With Laz you can count 1,2,3 while firing, and get a shot for each number counted…whereas with Val you need to count 1,2,3 to fire just one shot.


You sure that Val didn’t fire with her Tranq?


You sure that Val didn’t fire with her Tranq?

Yes, as I was getting TONS of weak spots on me. And they were round, like Val’s are, not diamond like Laz’s.
Besides Tranq can’t rapid-fire either.
This is why I have a feeling he was cheating.


There seems to be a speed hack of some sort, when the reports are true


This on PC? I’ll keep an eye out for it. I really doubt anyone’s bothered to develop cheats for the game yet but there might be some exploit. I wish Val’s rifle fired a bit faster so it was actually worth using.


one other post stated they had a goliath spamming non-stop leap smashes. Maybe there’s something happening with the recharge/reload mechanic