Val's Sniper might need a buff. Global Average is only 240 damage


Perhaps because the pace of the game is fast that many don’t have the reaction speed needed to shoot the weak points she makes. I just find it amazingly low for such an awesome character.


i just gotta say this but since when is medic an assault?? val is made to heal people not do damage…


Her sniper rifle boosted the rest of the team for only 240 damage. Not her doing it.


then people need to learn to aim for the weakspot. or its just because most val’s donth even do put weakspots on


Remember the average includes the many many games where val doesn’t put a single weakspot on the monster because there is too much else for her to do.


Good point.


I think the problem is that a lot of weapons do not work on weakpoints such as almost all the assualt main weapons. The ones that do are usually shotguns and its only one of the bullets that hit it. And I think each one only does like 15 damage. Same with the smg.


Maybe because if you have Markov, Cabot and Abe on your team, picking Val is a bad idea? Since they won’t deal much damage on your weakspots, and you’re going to permaheal them all the time.

But, maybe those weakspots must stay a little longer on a Monster.


I really think the best use of the weakpoints is for val or cabot. Their guns do the most point damage for one shot. If there is no cabot and you dont need to heal. Try shooting your own weak points. It would do 260 damage.


Then perhaps they need a damage boost so that when a weapon that can utilize it comes, people can see more of a difference.


I’m not sure about you guys but I average like 6-7k per game with val bonus damage.


Are you playing with a group? Who are they using? Are you hitting your own weakpoints? There are some other threads with people looking for help on their masteries with val. They could use tips.