Val's sniper and miss hits


I have noticed that Val’s sniper is not registering about 30% of her hits especially if you are holding down the zoom button and fire right at reload.

This only happens when you are trying to rapid fire the sniper as quickly as possible but if you delay perhaps a second per shot it is fine. However, holding zoom in on the monster and firing as soon as reload is done you will only get about 7 out of 10 marks on the beast.

I have tested this a few times now and it is consistent, I am positive that direct hits are not always registering as marks on the beast.


Thats interesting. Can you record your tests?


Sure, as soon as TRS starts sending me a paycheck.

They read this board so hopefully one of their guys will take 10 minutes to test this.


Probably not.


I’ve noticed similar problems with hits if you fire right after reloading.


Yeah this happens to me too. But I assumed it was the accuracy going away due to not fulling zooming in.