Val's Scope


Didnt they say they would remove the clutter in the scope at one point?


I didn’t think there was anything wrong with Val’s scope. It’s quite clean imo, never had any issues aiming/seeing. Now, CROW’S scope… There’s some serious stuff there…


If I hit the Monster with Crow’s scope, I’m happy for like a week.


Ikr? I’ve had a lot of instances where I’m charge shooting, reload and realize the monster wasn’t even in my sights…

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Or I shoot, do a little victory dance, then leave the sights and realize I just shot a sloth instead :expressionless:

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So what clutter are you talking about? I’m not sure what you mean because her scope seems fine.


:joy: Makes me feel like I’m back to being a newb again. I remember shooting lots of sloths and thinking they were actually the monster. I couldn’t tell them and Goliath apart for the first few days of playing Evolve.

I think he’s talking about the small lines in the scope which serve as crosshairs and marks. But they’re really fine to me.




I think the scope fit her character backstory:
She is a spy that probably might find herself alone in the field and have to stare down the scope for hours.
Why not add some entertainment inside it?

Not too useful during actuall combat, though.


What about me? ^.-


You get near 100% accuracy with Crow’s scope.

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