Val's medgun


Have been playing the evolve companion app this weekend (double XP etc) and it’s kind of making me realise how much I’d love Val’s med gun to be truly a burst heal.

Caira has the game covered with her AOE heals, Slim’s functionality is very unique (though he’s clearly a more complex character that requires use of all of his kit), and Lazarus is in a special spot with the revives… but Val seems to be like a poor persons Caira still.

I’d like to see Val’s heal rate dramatically increased, 100% maybe more. I don’t think that her capacity should change, or her reload even, just the heal rate. This would (I think) put Val in a much better spot as a character in terms of feel to play. Her healing would be faster than anyones, but it would be focused and bursty. A monster has someone against the ropes? heal that hunter up to full in no time at all, but then work with the fact that you have no heals for anyone else for a few seconds while you recharge.

It keeps her hands free for more sniper/tranq work (and in turn this means that they may need tweaking to make sure all is fair) and differentiates her from the way Caira is played.

I’m not going to be unhappy if Val doesn’t really change at all much from the next patch, but just wanted to start a thread to open up the discussion about this… what if Val’s medgun was much more for burst healing? Thoughts?


Replace the %10 Capacity with %10 Healing Rate. @MacMan What are your thoughts on this?


Val should not be able to heal as well as Caira does. Her med gun is fine as is. I think the only thing that needs change on Val is her heal burst recharge rate or capacity, so she can heal herself better. Val’s strength are her Tranqs and weak spots while Caira is just a better healer.


everything sir, but better than anything at the moment! :construction_worker:

and yea i love the gaming app VAL - feels alot better.

haha ye scorpionz9 having the weakpoints for all your own because your team is dead :see_no_evil:


lol @EAX. That’s why you need Hank or Sunny to help keep people from going down. I personally like Hank + Val BEAM Team hunter packs


sure but this will not save hank in any case that im just stomping him on stage 1 with damage buff and as soon as he is finished im gonna take care of VAL :blush:

and every time i heal hank i run out of ammo :scream_cat: and then hank loses his cigarete, his allmighty power comes from.


A burst heal would definitely make her late game against higher stage monsters much more reliable, that’s the only reason I don’t play her right now.


when monster targets support Insert Teamwork - Tranqs/Heals by medic, harpoons/stasis by trappers, mines/mortars. And after that insert self defense - Self shield for Sunny /Disorienting Orbitals + Cloak. If the monster still gets you then GG. :slight_smile:


I like the idea of Val having strong heal but what this sounds like is an insta-heal and I dont know about that, im concerned that she just wouldn’t be that different from Caira when it comes to healing.This isn’t that bad of an idea because Val is still drastically different in her kit, but would aoe healing really justify Caira anymore if this happened?currently high level players use positioning where everyone is spread out from each other, though they do get bunched up sometimes they usually arent trying to be that close to each other.

Caira does not bring much to the team in utility and her win rate is still great, giving Val great heals and all her utility might be too much. Though her sniper is underused for a reason, I think they would have to compensate Caira if they made Vals heals strong, but then we’ll just have a bunch of strong medics.

Why dont they just treat Val med gun like hanks shield where it has a set amount of hp in the gun and it fills health hunters as soon as they take damage, then they could scale back the recharge and not have to worry about drain speed, then I would like to see how the sniper performs after that. Because im sure it doesn have much up time and it also has a horrid ROF. I really just want a way to get more use out of the sniper while breaking up the Caira ESL marriage.


I don’t agree that val shouldn’t be able to heal as well as caira. In different situations each medic should heal better and worse than the others.


Ok but as @Gameplayovergraphics pointed out. Why would you use Caira anymore if Val is as good a healer? you are picking Val so you gain tranqs and weak spots while understanding that you are a weaker healer - so there is a tradeoff.

Val’s better when attacking - you keep the monster visible and slow making him a target for a longer duration - while limiting his ability to move around the map. If you still have enough free time from healing then get a weak spot so trappers or supports can add insane damage as well to what the assault is doing. I like Val especially against Goliath and Behemoth.

Here is one of my cherished Val videos. We dominated a level 1 goliath with no help from Assault. Granted the monster was not that good.

Caira’s better when defending power relays. In the dome she just brings better healing to the table and the occasional speed boost.


What I’m talking about is making Val stronger against rapid chaining on one hunter, but at the expense of having sustainable healing which is where caira would still excel. strengths and weaknesses built in mean you’d still pick caira for the same reason you do now…reliability.


haha ya well every1 has his own experience with the game at the current.
for me VAL is the exakt same like lazarus she just does not have a personal cloak but wich doesnt save 95% of times anyways from geting attacked by me - im not gonna let any1 run away - except when hank gets cornered and using orbital on himself - the only scenario he or some1 else gets a second chance :wink: . but about 6 seconds later im gonna come again and push some1 into a corner hehe.

btw. if VAL gets alot stronger heal or even some sort of heal burst with reload times on her medgun it could work aswell - with the current amount of ammo you can barely heal some1 to a 100%. not sure but maybe its even around 80% and in that time u cannot do anything else than channeling that stupid heal.

and most of its just strong enough to heal some1 against a stage1 monster and even there people die.

caira is good stuff against massive area damage - so whats the deal buffing a solo target healer? :pray:


If they increase Vals heals then, they should bring the tranq’s back down to maybe 7 seconds make the gun drain super fast, as that is the only way I can see anyone getting use out of the sniper, and keep her heal burst at 30%. At this point we would just be giving Val buffs and she would not be sacrificing anything.


I wouldn’t call what I’m talking about a buff of much consequence. You can’t heal more than you can right now, just deal it faster, and have to rely on recharging. But like I said, I wouldn’t be surprised if the tranq needed something, a longer arm time or a shorter duration.

This thread is about an idea, not a final implementation, so don’t take things too literally and just work with the idea :slight_smile:


ye that for sure - once medgun becomes something that actually heals instead of killing your teammates they should def. throttle down tranqs ALOT.

Tbh. with 3 Darts they can get tranqs back to the old way it was - felt more satisfying and also required more skill.


Why not add an extra function with a charge up, similar to crow. It saps like 55% ammo (so you can’t do it twice) but also heals more at once, bam Val buffed and strongest single target heal :]


I’m really more concerned about the sniper rifle, its like TRS are ignoring it because they know its bad and are just settling for Val just having tranq’s and heals.


oh its not that way bad as you think - actually headshot damage should be the same or even better than cabots railgun damage.

tried that earlier ago before the cabot nerf it was damn close to his damage - on a kraken huge damage output when u aim for the head - try that one u will notice it.


Did you see the video I embedded above? I think I used all Vals abilities in that match. snipers shots are hard to land but they are great for body camping and assault escaping monsters.