Val's armor piercing sniper rifle tier 2 bugged. PC


Hi folks,

I am assuming this is a bug but I can’t be sure so I’d like some conformation.
Val’s tier 2 sniper rifle says the following.

Enable your team mates to deal 12000 bonus damage to the monster.
However, it is not counting the actual damage.
In one of my recent games the score board stated I got around 3500 bonus damage from the sniper rifle.
However only 120 points were added to the tier 2 progress bar.

This leads me to believe that instead of damage, it’s counting the number of hits your team made on the target.
Which makes it near impossible to obtain.


I believe that is the idea behind it. Thus making you fill the monster with holes for your team to hit.


But it says have your team deal 12000 bonus damage.
Not have your team hit the target 12000 times.


Correct, which makes me think they weren’t hitting your markers. Unfortunately this makes you very reliant on your team to earn that mastery.

That is my best guess in any case.


I just posted the same question! Wish I had scrolled down more to see this. Anyways, exact same thing, it add so little points after each game, maybe 100 points and sometimes much less. Even when quite a bit of damage was done. I don’t see any other mastery taking this long so I’m not sure why that specific one is like that.


If you want, you can use the mobile app to unlock up to 50 percent of each mastery level.


Think it should be set to a lower amount of dmg needed.
if you compare it to the 2nd tier sniper rifle challenge of lazarus.
it’s 2700 dmg on weak spots if im not mistaken.


Remember it is weak spots on the monster, not wildlife.


I finished this rather quickly, I didn’t experience any problems with it, did you play HUNT and used it on eggs, or did fire a lot at elites, maybe even played Defend (The small goliaths doesnt count as the Monster iirc)


which is even harder to archieve.
and the fact that parnells rocket launcher, hydes flame thrower and markovs lightning doesnt trigger the spots.
personally i think 12000 is just a little bit too much for tier 2.


no its monster only so elite wildlife doesnt count neither the small goliath during defense


I’m implying he maybe played hunt or defend, since the performance counter doesnt just count the monster.


I think it is also glitched. A friend boosted it in a match full of his friends. It took him a few full matches to max it on a level 3 Goliath. At the end of the matchs the performance said he got over 10,000 boosted damage, and he only shot the monster nothing else, yet for the upgrades he would only get a few thousand. Maybe it is hits, not damage. Which is kind of unfair.


One of the worst parts is it only cont’s damage the the Alpha monster. Minions and Eggs don’t count towards the extra damage.