Val's 3 Star Medigun Mastery not registering


So I just finished a match where from what I understand I satisified the requirement for the Medigun 3 star mastery for Val a few times. But when I finish the mastery registers zero?

Eh? Did I not do it right? Hunters get damaged I heal them to back up to 100%? Am I missing something here?

I don’t understand this mastery if thats the case. Unless its a bug.


You don’t heal them to 100%, you heal 100% of their health overall throughout the game.


You have to heal them for 100% of current heal without them dropping


Yeah this is a very hard mastery imo


Sounds reasonable though. But you could just stand next to an Armadon or something.


Really fast to max this one by just doing solo customs on Weather Control with the radioactive clouds effect. Easy to get Sunny’s shield progress with this too.


Yeah the radioactive clouds seem to do the trick :smile:


:0 i never new this >:0