Vals 2x Marker hits grub on Gorgons Abdomen


I was messing around with some friends in customs, and val managed to hit one of the grub things, so I had a x2 marker roaming around me. Thought it was great myself.

This happen to anyone else?

Didn’t get a chance to trim it but its pretty short (28 seconds)

Edit: upon closer inspection, it looks like the grub comes out of me near a marker, and it moves it with it. Should this maybe be in “bugs” instead? :wink: because it moves the marker and hides it inside.


Something about seeing that weakpoint being yoinked by that grub is So satisfying.


That’s funny. Might be something to test when I get the chance


Yepp, it is indeed a thing.
I can’t find the first thread mentioning it, but yeah, pretty cool.


I’m pretty sure the other thread was a harpoon hitting the grub. Can’t seem to find it on the search bar.