Valkyrie's Hunter crew


Medic - Dr. Lee

Profession - Dr. And medical inventor

Wise, selfless and tired. These words are best used to describe Lee. As a middle aged healer; middle aged in both terms of the word, although you won’t get his age from him, his medicinal practices are classical and originating from late 22th century reasoning. He has qualms with modern practices but does his best to morally reason with them and hopes to replace current medical tech with safer means of Medicine.

Arrived on Shear to heal the wounded to help them be able to Evacuate. Cabot convinced him to join the crew, stating that Dr. Lee would save more colonists by helping them.

Primary weapon A concussion burst fire rifle. An experimental piece of technology given as a gift to Dr. lee from a survivor of Shear. This weapon fires 3 concussion blasts in rapid succession. Landing a shot will deplete a random monster ability.

Tactical - inhabiter transfusion . 3 round small arm weapon, medium range, of his design. Fired upon a friendly, that person cannot be incapped for 4 seconds.

Secondary tactical: Myst heal. High cooldown, Dr. lee fires a canister that Creates a healing zone that lasts for 15 seconds

Medic heal: standard issue

Support - Rob

Rob is a prodigy of weapon design. Currently single handedly designed every modern weapon in use of the last decade. Currently on Shear for personal weapons testing, Rob managed on board The crew after striking down 2 monsters at once. To note Robs action have single handedly led to this tier of hunters arrival on Shear.

Primary weapon - wrist mounted laser. Well, laser of sorts. This weapon is a personal side arm and has a short charge time. Once fired it penetrates the monster and leaves 2 weak points on the monster. Moderate dmg. High critical damage.

Tactical - Deployable shockpulse generator. The generator creates a field increase the monsters cooldown of abilities used in that field by 3 seconds. This does include class abilities. This may or may not include stamina bars. Causes damage when destroyed.

Secondary weapon - Concussion blast. A single fire weapon that has a medium knock back effect on the monster and hunters. High damage slow reload. Has the appearance of a remote detonation in his hand. Short range.

Team cloak standard.

Trapper Class; Leslie Rodgers III

Catagory: burst Damage, Crowd control

Primary weapon: Forearm mounted SMG with red dot sights. High dmg and RoF, small clips

Tracking tool: Deployable uav search drones, stationary drone that highlights an area similiar to Griffins soundspikes. Once monster triggers the drone it actively follows and highlights monster for 15 seconds before crashing. Player can manually operate a drone by ‘scoping’ before deploying if monster is tagged the drone will follow for duration of its battery life. Both versions can be destroyed easily.

Secondary weapon: Sonic charged Impact cannon. A long range single fire weapon, rounds do small dmg and also depleates 33% of monster stamina and increases all monster abillities currently under cooldowns by 2 seconds. Short to immediate reload.

Character; A wealthy and up and coming big game hunter , whose proved his worth by capturing a kracken, though it was wounded and Val reminds him often that they did all the work. Leslie can be described as slothful, boastful and sarcastic. He often calls his high tech drones as toys and will ask other hunter to retrieve them or barring that will offer to pay others to do it after they down the monster. He arrived on Sheer after hearing rumors of monsters and hopes to be the next Griffen.

Of Irish decent. Red hair, blue eyes. Lithe in build with various high tech armour spotting his shoulders and cheast. Wears goggles strapped to his neck.

Relationships and conversations.
Reminds Caira of Earth. Fanboys over Griffen.Thinks Slim could get a new suit.Offers Bucket top grade robotic in exchange for his service as a butler when they get back.Wants to buy Parnells suit and constantly complains about food and wanting to eat.

To note, he bought his way onto the crew and has been known to pay the hunters to let Leslie come along on hunts.

Assult- Blake
Catagory- tank, medium dmg output, crowd control

A late Gen 2 basilisk soldier Blake is highly aggressive and maternal. Often times plagued with pangs of hunger, blood lust and sometimes these urges seem driven to sexual satisfaction. Her genes appear to have been spliced with those of a rare spider genus, although it’s not as physically noticeable as early Gen 2 soldiers.

Primary weapon is an lmg with biogenetic design with high recoil and medium dps. successful consecutive hits reduce cooldown of class ability (personal sheild).

Tactical weapon, a webbing pistol that slows it’s target much like a harpoon, while leeching 10% of Blake’s missing health per second rounded down. (diminishing return here to keep it balanced) . Can be broken with melee and has a high reload time.

Secondary weapon. A biological semi automatic 6 round rifle. Rounds deal damage over time and leaves critical spots (green) damage done to these spots do additional damage over time.

Class ability personal shield.

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