Valkyrie's basilisk soldier assult concept need helps


I’m working on a full Hunter squad would like to receive constructive criticism.

Assult- Blake
Catagory- tank, medium dmg output, crowd control

A late Gen 2 basilisk soldier Blake is highly aggressive and maternal. Often times plagued with pangs of hunger, blood lust and sometimes these urges seem driven to sexual satisfaction. Her genes appear to have been spliced with those of a rare spider genus, although it’s not as physically noticeable as early Gen 2 soldiers.

Primary weapon is an lmg with biogenetic design with high recoil and medium dps. successful consecutive hits reduce cooldown of class ability (personal sheild).

Tactical weapon, a webbing pistol that slows it’s target much like a harpoon, while leeching 10% of Blake’s missing health per second rounded down. (diminishing return here to keep it balanced) . Can be broken with melee and has a high reload time.

Secondary weapon. (actually stuck here as I feel like too much here easily breaks the character as Blaze has the highest potential to out survive the other assult but has the lowest dps comparatively. )

Class ability personal shield.


So this person LITERALLY- and to be colloquial and somewhat lewd here, “gets off” on killing Monsters?

…It’s very unique, I’ll give you that. :wink:

Interesting. Normally Assaults have no CC or tracking, this will break the mould, but interesting nonetheless.


The idea here is that a handful of insects eat tgeir mates post coital. So for blake its a matter of bad dna splicing that influences her urges.

The cc and spammable personal sheild is why she has the lowest damage output of all assults. I just have a hard time designing that long range secondary due to balance. Maybe a rifle that increases sheild time at the trade off of long reloads?
Or a DoTt o reflect poisinous biological warfare.

As for unique, wait till i get the whole squad posted. Support and trapper specifically.


…I’m really, really scared now. :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness, nice concepts.