Valiant Hearts Game Giveaway! for iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone


I got this code from IGN
But I dont have an iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone so i cant use this. So i am giving it away!!!

It is a single use code so it is first come first serve.
Redeem here:
Game trailer:


Thank you kindly. I know what I’m going to be doing at work tomorrow :smile:


This is a very good game! I recommend it to anyone and teaches a lot about the first world war!

You enjoy it, @HostileParadox. :smile:


Ha, NP :smiley:


I’m soooo not playing a game whose trailer made me tear up…


Try playing the full game! :wink:


I can’t play this game, its emmotionaly incompatible with me just from watching the trailer.


I love it, it is very emotional but it certainly has taught me a lot about WW1.

Even though, I haven’t completed it yet but I am expected to get very teary eyed in later parts, well, not that it hasn’t been very emotional already!


Based off REAL letters? Oh no…no…no no no…


Oh yeah, it’s got that.


Physically & Emotionally , the trenches wars were brutal and horrendous. Being trapped for weeks in a trench, diseases spreading, watching people next to you slowly turning into cadavers, the constant fear of a lost bullet ricocheting and kill you! not to mention the risk of your own combat partners who are yielding weapons cm’s next to you, all bunched up and without strengths to hold the rifle properly … everything turns to hell in a place like that … many people couldn’t outstand the inhuman conditions and decided to take their own lifes on the spot! right next to you. Gosh, it’s just … damn



The ending truly made me fully cry. It’s very well done, the last level is so well done it really says a lot about the war. I tried to describe it to a friend and I started crying again, lol :cry:


(Sidenote…after the trailer I felt so bad and incomplete I had to go and watch the ending on youtube since I refuse to play it myself…WOW.)


Makes me wish i could have played it… But at least HostileParadox got to play it :smiley:


But the game is good!


Big spoilers, don’t click unless you want the Valiant Hearts story spoiled; (This is for @SledgePainter)

It’s the line “War makes men mad.” as he’s being marched to his execution that really got me crying. So simple but really so powerful.
Did you watch the ‘big push’ level? The way it starts with hiding behind walls and fences that are gradually being blown up and shot to bits, by the end of the level you’re hiding behind piles of bodies, it’s really powerful.


How much is this game? Looks good from the trailer. Gonna look up some gameplay to see if it would be for me


I think it is $15


You guys are just going to make me have to look up this stuff on YouTube and grab a box of tissues!