Valerie Sniper Rifle Buff?


I know people will bash but , I feel like Val needs a bit of a damage buff. Being that her only offensive weapon is a single shot bolt action and the reload is a bit slow depending on the perk/buff. Since the game has release i have played Val. Everyone says the other two Medics are better the she is, Then 1. It is personal opinion or 2. It could be her kit or all around general stats. I have owned the game since day one and i have mastered her , so this is coming from my time of playing her. She is an awesome hunter i just feel she could use a bit of a damage buff to her primary. And before anyone else starts jumping at me … Yes i have played every perk on her … Reload , damage , mobility , Everything and yes a medic’s job is to keep your team alive , but when your team hardly goes down , the sniper should do some sort of damage. I do not like having to put multiply shots into a wildlife creature , not mentioning trying to help the team with some extra damage or trying to defend myself. All in All , Valerie has a beautiful kit Turtle Rock , Good Job … But she needs to be pumped up a bit. I think Goliath is tired of being tickled by the Armor Piercing Sniper Rifle. Time to make him feel the pain. That is just my two cents.


Whey they release the win rate if Val is 50% then she’s fine. If she’s below, then sure, buff her. She isn’t picked as often right now.


The real value of the Sniper is in weakpoints. Just smack them everywhere and the team’s damage will skyrocket. Also, it does do decent damage- I saw someone test it and, well, it was rather good. But I recommend tranqing more than sniping. Tranqs are invaluable.

Anyone who says Val isn;t as good is retarded, period.

And kudos for actally saying Valerie in the title. That’s a first! :smiley:


Like i said then there is obviously some reason about her nobody picks her. This is just my personal opinion on how she might be fixed up.


pierces armor so other hunters can damage

l2p issues


Oh , i tranq like no tomorrow , if my team trapper isn’t on the monster i am on them like white on rice. I tranq monsters across the map. Only if the tranq gun had a scope. >:D I would be unstoppable !


Doesn’t mean it can’t do more damage damage.


Because she’s tier 1- everyone assumes that she isn’t as good, which is false. Tiers indicate ease of use- T1 is easier than T2 but no less effective. Thus, they all go for the flashier Medics.

Val is fine, really.


Even though I have yet to unlock the other medic, I think I’ll just stick to Val due to that tranq gun that I love using so much.


it’s not a leet sniper 50cal headshot 360 noscope

it’s a weakpoint creator


The weapon itself isn’t what does the damage, it’s the TWO TIMES damage that all precision weapons from your teammates that cause the heavy damage. It increases your team’s OVERALL damage by heaps if you can get 5 tags or so on the monster.

Furthermore, Val has a lot more variety in her kit, with the med gun and tranq gun than the other two medics. THe tranq gun especially is incredibly powerfull if you time your jetpack right.


Ive almost got her elite just because I like tranqs and the medgun is nice for consistently keeping a teamate alive I just need those last 3 incap heals on the 3rd star and I’ve mastered her.

I’d say she best combos with Parnell since she can tranq the monster so he can get the most out of super soldier without being knocked around, create weakpoints for his shotgun and i think his rocket launcher, and heal him for the health he uses for super soldier. Caira can only do one of those things and Lazarus can do half of one of them.

Trust me when people figure this out she’ll get pciked way mroe often


Have you tried 100% switch weapon bonus? For me it’s insane - I haven’t mastered her yet though but, boy do i love that perk.

Well… i actually would debate about that. Caira is the best HEALER. Hands down. Caira + Maggie = early dome AND whole teams survivability is through the roof. Combo it with Abe and you have almost unstoppable team of hunters. Val can’t do that. Not saying that she is useless though. She is different. Val + Abe - monster can’t move… You just have to find it first.


Back at OP, i really don’t think that Val should do more damage, her arsenal is for aiding your teammates more than anything. For now, yeah, i think she is somewhat underrated, but only because people are getting new medics, and find new things they can do. And new seems better sometimes. But after a while, you start thinking, debating trying new combinations and it hits you, that good old Val, is not so bad after all :wink:


Well, it’s true that Val make great weak spots. Great in theory. Have you seen the global average of extra damage done. Like 300-400 damage? It’s funny, really. Still, I think that damage multiplier is ok. However, it wouldn’t hurt if the sniper rifle actually did more damage. I personally can use that rifle maybe 10% of time, if fight goes well. Healing and tranqs rest of the time. Hell, the rifle could take even a half bar of armor with one shot and still Val’s damage output would be negligible, because there’s just no time to use it. At least, if you want to keep your team alive.


In a battle I think you should be using the sniper more than the tranq.


Comparing to the amount of weakspots Lazarus can open, Val is kind of behind. It could atleast be a doubleshot sniper or something. But all in one I like Val how she is. Espicially in hunt, Val is damn good at the start. As long as you are good in tranquing, Val is one of the best hunters you can choose.
My problem is, that you can interupt the monster by damaging the generator. If you are the onky one left, the sniper reloads to long and the monster can do some damage again. When a dropship needs some more time, this can be the lose for hunters. A val alome is useless in that way and that shouldn’t be, I think. Maybe she can get something there.
She is to good for real needet buffs but some minimal changes could help


In batzle you should use the healgun :smiley: Just when the monster starts to get after you, use tranq and sniper. That’s my way :smiley:


if by any means, Val needed a buff, it would be for how long are her weak spots staying on the monster. nothing as of yet, that i’ve “discovered”. I would like her to heal faster, but for now, i don’t consider it “need” - it’s me wanting it :wink:


The tier 1 is the most straight forward Tier.

all classes are good at their job but has no versatility. They do the job they are meant to do.

the other tiers are more complicated not better.

Val is straight ahead healer 2 x heals , hank straight forward support with armor and burst dps, maggie track monster and trap him, markov well all assault are straight forward.

But by no mean i think val is weaker to the other 2.

the only exception is trapper where the third tier ABE is way better than the other 2 because there is no way to counter his grenades slow nor his tracking.


If you put that “Tier 1” is easier than “Tier 2 or 3”, I should compare Caira to Val or Laz. Caira is much easier to play as, much more straight forward, she is basically the MEDIC.

Lazarus is 2nd advanced version that rely on resurrecting rather than healing, Val is the most complicated due to whole lot of tools available to her, she is soft CC, debuffer and healer at once.

That’s super complicated compared to Caira simple play style of aoe heal, aoe damage and buff.

Anyone who has played any (MMO)RPG would be more familiar with how Caira plays than with how Laz or Val does.