Valerie 2 Star Sniper Rifle Progression


Hey everybody, I was wondering if anyone else was having this problem: I was just playing a game as Val where I landed a decent number weakpoints, and although our Parnell was mostly using his rocket launcher and not triggering them (which was a tad annoying), he still definitely hit them quite a few times with his Shotgun. After-game though, it only gave me ~30 points towards the 2-star sniper rifle progression for val (the goal of this progression is to allow allies a total of 12000 bonus damage from Val’s weakpoints), and clearly 30/12000 did not seem right. Afterwards on the stats screen, it said I allowed teammates to do a bonus 3000 damage, which sounded a lot more accurate. I’m wondering if this progression is broken for anyone else, or just me?


Yeah noticed the same thing, but I’m not really sure because I think only actual Monster Damage counts, Minion and Wildlife damage doesn’t help, although it is not stated in the challenge…
Its one of the harder challenges, because you need a team that is able to aim for those spots.


Takes a while, but yeah, it’s kind of a pain to get.


if you play solo the A.I. hank is very good at hitting the targets.