Val Weapon Switch Bug (PS4)


When I switch to the tranq’ gun in this video I have to wait a moment before I’m able to fire it despite having the three star item switch perk:

I was spamming R2 as fast as I could and you could see that there was a pause when I switch to the tranq gun.


I noticed that it wasn’t letting you shoot until the Sniper Rifle was reloaded.
Do you think that is the cause?
Also @MacMan @SlabOMeat


This is UNQUESTIONABLY the cause.

When you switch away from any weapon it begins reload.

If you come back to that weapon before it’s reload time is complete, you need to wait for the reload to finish, you just don’t see the animation for it.

@Plaff Not really a bug, but maybe poorly communicated.

I should also note it’s this way for ALL platforms, not PS4 specific. But… it’s not really a bug, it’s middle of reload. Perhaps they can make it pull the weapon up into that % of reload complete so you see the reload finish on screen? Or they could just overlay text “reloading” or something like that…


Summoning @MrStrategio to have a look.


I expected it would be, I was just saying that I was playing on PS4 when this happened :slight_smile:


That looks like the problem, never noticed that until you mentioned it.


It is, I tested it quite a bit. The tranq is in the middle of reload when you swap back to it.

It’s not conveyed to the player well at all though besides the fact you see the icon in the lower right that flashes full blue to indicate when it’s reloaded.


Yea its due to the fact that it needs to reload. It’s kind of annoying imo. It would be nice if the weapons began the auto-reload if they were at 1/2’th of their ammo reserve. (IE I use hyde’s flamethrower, it has 65% left, I switch to throw a toxic grenade, flamethrower didn’t reload so its ready to go. I repeat this once its at 35% and throw another grenade, have to wait cause the thing is reloading)

Would be a REALLY good thing to implement. And allow players to keep heat on.


this happens to parnell as well. i ran weapon switch only to be looking at the monster holding trigger wondering why i am not shooting.


Yea, that fire delay drove me crazy, too.


Ya it drives me crazy too. I end up having to compensate for it, but I have a bug in for it. Thanks guys.


Ah great news, so it means I’m not crazy… quickly switching for a clutch heal and having to wait is infuriating in the heat of battle.
Happens on PC and other characters and classes too.


I’m so glad someone brought this up. I wasn’t sure if it was some kind of intentional thing with the passive reload or not. I’m on PC and it frustrates the hell out of me


This is also on PC with Val and parnells shotgun @MrStrategio


It happens on Caira’s grenades as well sometimes. Usually once a game for me.


It is not restricted to a single weapon, so it could happen to anyone.


Hey there I see this thread is pretty old but I just wanted to check in and see if there is any head way on this I was under the impression that weapons reloading in the background had no effect on current weapon. As of patch 2.0 this is still happening quite a bit as I play Val and is super annoying and makes it feel clunky.