Val vs. Lazarus: the Battle of Snipers


Over the last few days I have poured numerous hours into the Evolve beta, and I have to say its living up to my expectations, however I have run into a dilemma and was hoping to get some peoples opinions on it. I very much enjoy playing as the medic class. Providing the team with an assortment of support from health and revives to tranqs and glowy crit points makes it a very fun class to play. And while i wasn’t fortunate enough to get my hands on Caira, i managed to snag a good amount of play time on the other 2 medics: Val and Lazarus. while trying to find which one better suites my play style i ran into a few problems. firstly, the conflict in weapons.
While both hunters have sniper rifles, i couldn’t help feeling Lazarus got the better end of it. the silenced sniper leaves no tracers and is silent, while also sporting a large mag, fast rate of fire and reload. it also marks the monster with weak points that teammates can shoot to deal increased damage. Now comparing that to Val’s armor-piercing variant is quite the different story. While the armor-piercing also leaves weak points it has only one round in the clip, making it much harder to use and consistently place multiple targets on the monster. It leaves tracers which isnt the biggest deal but is still a step down from the silenced variant. Also ironically, the armor-piercing rifle doesn’t penetrate armor at all (personally thought this would be a cool perk when the monster is weak but has regained armor.) The only advantage i could notice was that Val’s does more damage per shot. If anyone could point out anything i missed to maybe help the case for val it would be much appreciated, because as of now it seems Lazarus has a better weapon all around. Now granted i could see why developers would perhaps give Lazarus a better sniper do to the fact he only has one weapon and all his other abilities are saved for when other hunters are weakened/dead. But this doesn’t justify making it superior to Val’s in every way.

The unofficial tips/strategy thread

The markers thats Val’s leaves do 2x damage to the monster when other hunters shoot at it whereas Lazarus sniper only does 1.5. Combine that with Cabots damage amp and hydes minigun or parnells shotgun your doing essentially quadruple damage to the monster.


also vals marks are bigger and easier to hit compared to lazerus’s marks. and as mentioened above deals more dmg, i think they are both good for different reasons :smile:


thank you both. i remember seeing the 1.5x and 2.0x but i didnt realize it was the snipers, thought it had to do with duration or placement. Still think Vals should affect health directly lol


The tranquilizer gun is Val’s best weapon while Lazarus sniper rifle is his only weapon.


In my opinion, a single shot is necessary for Val anyway, because she deals with a lot more multitasking than Lazarus. Val has to switch to her Medgun often, and occasionally the Tranquilizer Gun, so she shoots the sniper once and lets it reload in the background. Lazarus only switches to his death-glove when someone is down, and the other two equips are instant skills. Val doesn’t really need more than her single shot.


If we’re talking sniping, Laz wins simply by being the harder one to detect.

I still think that Val has a weird way of weakspoting. She opens the fight with them, and expects the weakspots to stay in for the rest of the match. Then just keeps tranqing and healing.


The reason Laz has a semi automatic is because he needs to shoot a lot val shouldn’t be thats why she has single shot. For val shoot once, tranq monster, heal allies if needed, switch to sniper, tranq, heal some more, snipe, heal, snipe, tranq etc.


I’m lucky if I plink a shot on the monster with the sniper rifle as Val. I only switch to it if my team is doing good in the fight but I prefer staying on tranqs and medgun most of the time. I also feel the need to take Quick Switch to help me be able to swap to the sniper rounds and back effectively. I just don’t feel like it’s worthwhile to use though. It’s only good while engaged in battle, but that’s when you need that medgun most. If you are on the monster’s tail you’re not gonna use a sniper round but the tranq. I find the gun frustrating to use also, besides only getting a single shot. I am a scopes kinda gal but the speed at which I need to use my other abilities forces me to fire from the hip without focusing with the scope so I often miss my shots (my own personal lack of ability, I know).

I much prefer Laz’s sniper gun but Val is my main medic because I like keeping my team alive and topped off, and protected as long as I can from attack damage. I also like rezzing from afar with the medgun. It does heal slowly and will not stop a teammate going down if they are being focused…but the monster needs to keep at that focused attack longer which allows additional time for the support, trapper, and assault to punish him for that time taken. It’s also nicely effective to use after a teammate has gone down to make that monster keep striking the body if they want to go for the full kill or prevent the rez. Again, my team will be punishing him for this. However, I usually find that once the monster realizes my strategy he gets tired of my crap and will find me and focus me as soon as he sees the green beam again.


I used Vals sniper when Griffin or Maggie got it with a harpoon or the assault pops his shield or hank shields someone there are opportunities to use your sniper you just have to wait for them.


I am practicing this more…I do feel it’s part of my own personal learning curve…I just really wish Val had 3 shots for the rifle instead of just 1. I know it reloads in the background but still. Maybe I can go for the more ammo perk and it will give me more. I didn’t try that during the Beta.


Vals stay longer too I think, more range, and it ignores the monsters armor. It all adds up in the end


Lazarus’ silent rifle is by the nature of the way his class plays. He’s a Medic that attempts stealth, and as such, giving away your position is counter productive to stealth-based play. Neither Val nor Caira can cloak on their own, so they are always visible to the Monster (even though at higher level play, Lazarus’ stealth can by hard countered by Monsters rather easily, nullifying his usefulness)

The ability for Lazarus to plaster the monster with damage amp points, even though weaker than Val’s, gives the team a statistically higher chance to do more damage to the monster, but Lazarus’ role is just damage amplification and resurrecting, whereas Val include the ability to tranquilize monsters, severely hindering their in-battle mobility and their escape attempts.

Val’s rifle is bolt-action. It’s not that it only has 1 round in its clip. (In fact, it has infinite rounds in its clip), but a bolt-action device requires manually chambering the next shot. Lazarus’ rifle is “semi-automatic” meaning that you can fire a round each time you “pull the trigger”. “Fully automatic” weapons, like Markov’s assault rifle, fire as fast as possible when you hold down the trigger.


Another thing that counters Vals bigger and more powerful sniper rounds is that if you are constantly shooting the monster, you’ll automatically be dealing more damage from the bullets alone. I had 8k+ damage with the rifle in a single round.


The silenced sniper rifle is one of the reasons I like Laz better over Val.
It is usually the highest damage weapon out of all the medics on average according to the stats.

Val requires way too much multi tasking for me to enjoy the fight. I always feel like I’m fumbling between the three skills constantly with her.

Laz is much simpler, helps me keep my mind in the fight.

Shoot shoot shoot, cloak, revive, burst heal. Rinse, repeat.

I also enjoy the personal cloak when a fight is just completely lost, lets me retreat like Support.


Are you sure that wasn’t bonus damage? That seems insanely high for a Medic.


I support Val’s Armor-Piercing rifle actually piercing armor, and dealing damage directly to the monster’s health. This is a fantastically flavorful idea that I am surprised isn’t utilized by any hunter.



It was like a 20 minute round with me right on him the entire time. If he tried to attack me, I’d just cloak. I think I had like 12 of the accolades for hitting the monster 20 times with the rifle, meaning I hit him at least 240 times in that match. And no, it wasn’t bonus damage, not enough usage of projectile weapons. I think I only had a couple hundred bonus damage that match. Math would come out to roughly 35 damage per shot, give or take because I don’t remember the exact numbers for the damage and I could’ve hit anywhere between 240-259 sniper rounds so I don’t think it sounds too farfetched. Can @MacMan give us the damage that each round does from Laz’s sniper?


You might’ve been doing 150% damage if a lot of your hits were to the head.