Val: the worst character in the game, here's how to fix


After playing all of the hunters several times, I can pretty safely say that Val is quite simply the worst character in the game. I’ll explain what I think is wrong with her and a few ideas I have that might bring her up to speed.

  1. Val is the only medic with no defensive ability. Laz has a cloak and Caira has speed boost plus she can heal herself with her nades. Val only has the heal burst, something common to every medic and nothing that will aid her too much if she is focused (which she will be, because the medic is target #1 for the monster)

  2. Her medgun sucks. Sure it has long range, but it doesn’t heal fast enough, and, even worse, it shows the monster exactly where you are (pretty easy to follow that obvious green beam back to Val). This means that Val, who I have already mentioned is the least defensive medic, draws a giant bullseye on her head whenever she actually heals.

  3. Her other two abilities don’t really fit very well. Her sniper rifle is okay but nothing too special (especially since it only benefits precision weapons, so if Hyde or Markov is trying to use their most DPS weapon, the Flamer and Lightning Gun respectively, it won’t up the damage at all). Her tranq gun is probably the best tool in her arsenal, but it’s really something your Trapper should be handling anyway.

If you look at all of the medics, it seems their abilities were designed in this way: 1 damage dealing ability, 1 “heal” ability, and 1 wildcard ability, plus the Heal Burst. Val falls short in each of those categories when compared to both of the other medics. She has the worst damage ability (arguable I suppose), the worst “heal” ability (really not even debatable IMO), and a wildcard ability that can’t help keep her alive.

I think that there are a few ways that Val could be brought up to speed:

  1. Make the medgun heal Val whenever she uses it to heal a teammate. This would improve her survivability and make it so she doesn’t need to burn Heal Bursts to heal herself (like Caira).

  2. Make the green heal beam INVISIBLE TO THE MONSTER. I think this is honestly Val’s greatest weakness. As I mentioned before, medic is target #1 for the monster and Val is just way too easy to find.

  3. Rework her abilities entirely. Remove the medgun and make her sniper rifle heal hunters if she shoots them with it (still damage the monster normally), then give her a new third ability which is defensive in nature, like the ability to spawn decoy illusions of herself (but not go invis) or an activateable damage reduction aura. Alternatively, remove the medgun and keep the sniper the same, but give her a different healing ability (like a deployable healing structure that heals all allies nearby, but can be destroyed).

Thoughts? Other suggestions of how to fix? Things I’ve missed that make Val viable?


I win 90% of my games when I play as Val. I choose elevated positions away from my teammates so that if the monster wishes to engage me, it must break off from the fight and come after me while being hounded. Meanwhile, I evade to another piece of terrain or play cliff games while tranqing the monster. I have tranq’d a monster over and over again for so long after a dome that my trapper has their dome cooldown back up. The weakpoint gives double damage and when you are working with an accurate Cabot or a Parnell, you get amazing damage boosts. I do not recall which it is, but a weak point on the monster’s face does 3x or 4x damage. A single railgun shot to that face takes off a bar of life.

I agree that the beam is an arrow, but you can make that big arrow work for you. If the monster has to travel across the dome to get you, you have time to react and your team has time to slow/stop/damage it without anyone on your team taking damage. Especially if you tranq the monster on their approach.

These are just my thoughts based upon my own experiences with Val. Everyone else’s mileage may vary.


Just saying that the tranq gun can definitely be used defensively. If you’re being targeted, tranq it then switch to high/low ground. If you definitely can’t get away with your jetpack still, ask the support to come over with his cloak. I know it isn’t val’s skill, but you also have to remember you have a whole team out there. If Val (or any medic) isn’t surviving, then it’s a GROUP fail, not solely the medic’s fault… unless they jump into a chomp plant 200m away from everyone else.


My idea on giving her more survivability is to add an additional buff to the tranq gun.

Let`s say that every hit with the tranq gun within 20m range gives you a short speed buff as long as the monster is not already affected by tranq. Or it could be jetpack fuel which could be used to dodge more frequently within a dome fight where the Monster will mostly chase after you.
Due to the range restriction it would not affect the actual hunt part of the game where you tranq from far distances.

Or maybe i just learn to use my sorroundings way better to improve my survivability :smile:


Do you understand how much worse she would be if you had to rely on shooting your teamates in the middle of a fight while they’re jumping around?

The marks are more for the trapper and supports benefit then the assaults so they can put in a bit more damage and so your not entirely relying on the assault since if he goes down there goes all your damage.

The tranq gun is for her defense as well so she can get away and reposition herself

I do agree that having the medgun heal her, but probably for a smaller amount would be a decent change but everything else would make her worse


My friend has this analysis of Medics in this game:

Val is fine. She requires very strong fundamentals to play and playing around her ‘weaknesses’ teaches you what those fundamentals are. It’s the perfect starter medic; easy to play, tough to master. Lazarus, on the other hand, is the most forgiving medic to play. It does not teach you how to heal, but it does(as all the medics do) reinforce how important it is that everyone be topped off at all times. The struggle with Lazarus is in making the judgement call to let players die. Chiefly, who should die, when they should die and how many should die. He is his own sort of meta-game. It’s engaging and interesting, but maybe not for everyone. He appears to be beginner friendly, but he’s not. It is more worthwhile to develop a strong fundamental skillset early in a player’s Evolve education, than a very Lazarus-specific one. Meanwhile, with Caira, players appear to be struggling to find a balance between damage-dealing and healing. I feel like Caira and Valarie have more in common than any other healer combination. While people commonly point to Caira being the most superior medic of the group, the interesting discussion that I feel players are overlooking is that Valarie seems to shore up what I feel might be Caira’s potential weaknesses. You can bemoan the obvious nature of a green beam revealing your location, but there is strength in range. Caira could stand in the same place at the same distance, but I suspect she will have a much harder time hitting her shots and healing the people who need it. This is not a problem for Val who has a Medigun that locks on to her target. It shocks me how much players overlook this strength. Caira has to focus and take really smart shots, Val has no such considerations. So Caira’s weakness may lie in the fact that she needs to be a little closer than a Medic would like to be, to make the most of her shots. Caira needs the self-defense more than Val does, in this sense.


Invisible heal gun?

I stopped reading right there, you have no idea how op that would be…


Yeah that’s asking too much lol.


Val is fine as is.


Lol no, I literally just won a match being the last hunter alive as val. I used assaults mines to my advantage and the tranq is defensive.

It’s not COD you cannot solo, you need a team to help you if you are being focused you can’t just expect to do a Forcefield or clone yourself so you can solo.


Dshafslafjfaaafjafafajsafkf! Ok now that I got that out of my system…

Val can use her tranq gun offensively and defensively, thing is you have to make sure the monster isn’t in your face to make sure it’s used defensively. As Val you have to be away from the fight to be at your best so when you use your heal gun that does put a target on your head, personally I use this to my advantage and screw over the monster by making it focus me as I jump from high perch to another high perch, all the while tranqing the living crap out of it and weak spotting it because I have no one to heal but myself. If all goes to hell I run into the arms of my teammates, who if they enjoy living too they better save me. :relieved:


The sniper rifle marks are also MANDATORY for killing a Kraken that stays in the air, out of range of the close assault weapons. Minigun and the Assault Rifle both proc the marks, and you will need them to. And honestly, it’s better damage by itself than Caira’s Incindiary Grenades with better range.

The tranq rifle is a truly amazingly useful weapon, both offensively and defensively. It doesn’t need to be changed at all. The slow also stacks with both Abe’s Stasis Grenades and Hyde’s Toxic Grenades, which all together will nearly immobilize a monster.

The medgun heals just fine, and at fantastic range. The fact that it locks on instead of firing arcing blobs of heal means that it is more reliable in a high mobility fight. You will see Cairas miss all the time when their heal target gets knocked back by a charge or lighting strike, a problem Val does not encounter.

This is a team game. There are 4 characters with unique skill sets for a reason. If Val is having survivability issue, tag the monster with a tranq, ask the support for a cloak, and ask the trapper to harpoon or stasis the giant creature trying to eat your face. Look for balance in a team environment, not balancing Val in a bubble where she is the only factor being considered.


I have to disagree with you. Val is by far in my opinion the best Medic to be when you’re with your pals and one of them is a Hank. Even without a Hank the heal rate I feel is just fine on the medgun. The only flaw I do not like is how you’re slowed while using the medgun which is quite annoying when trying to heal and stay caught up with your team on the move. The tranq gun is a superb tool for Val also. I use it not to just make the monster easier to find, but also when I am being pursued by the beast, I tranq it to slow him down enough to where I fly away and my team moves in to pursue the monster. If you’re having trouble you’re either not staying back away from the fight and healing your teammates, or your teammates are just terrible to work with. Trust me, get some friends to play with you and make sure to keep your distance and you’ll notice Val is actually a substantial medic. Every character has a different playstyle. It’s not like the usual shooter where you can use the same strategy over and over again to emerge victorious. You just gotta experiment outside your comfort zone.


She’s got Courtney Taylor’s VA - that’s a pretty good reason to play her. The healing is awfully slow, and it makes the character awfully slow, though.


You gotta realize, she has two sniper rifles and a long-ass heal beam. She’s supposed to be really, really far away from the action.


take regeneration perk and you are good to go… or jetpack refuel and stay out of trouble. but a comlete overaul? yeah… no. thats not how fixing works.


Sorry but are we talking about the same character here? Val is pretty much the most awesome medic of them all.
And the tranq gun is in my opinion far superior to the boost field. The boost field serves the same purpose basically. It is to close the distance between hunters and the monster.
The difference is that the tranq effect serves as a defensive means infight for all the hunters whereas the boost field mostly only serves Caira herself during an engagement.
Ok the medgun does not heal that much but it is self-aiming. So you use it until you know that it won’t be enough much longer, then switch to tranq the monster, boost in healburst and boost back off. Works great. I loose far less patients with Val than I do with Caira.


I agree with the OP’s points about Val needing a buff. I haven’t encountered a team yet with Val as their healer who was any challenge. A few with Caira, but none with Val. Val’s a healer who lacks healing abilities. :astonished:

Val’s multitude of abilities are neat, but her sniper rifle is inferior to Laz’s, which can pepper the target with damage multipliers, and she has absolutely no survivability.

Imo, her main problem is that her healing gun is worthless. It won’t keep anyone on their feet against a monster who is focusing on one target and ironically, she can’t heal herself with it. I’m not sure how it could be balanced though – we can’t have a medic going around tanking monsters while self-healing the whole battle, now can we?

Boost the healing gun’s power by at least 20% and allow her to heal herself, and she might be alright. Laz is still going to be the powerhouse though with his 1-second, no-strikes rez glove and get out of jail free cloak.


I think Val is fine. Just have to be as far away from Monster as possible and keep line of sight with your team mates. If your team mates have no sense of their own safety that isn’t the medics fault.

Caira is too easy to heal yourself, your team, and you have an ability on par with any of supports.

Plus you say Val heals slowly, Laz can barely heal at all - Use Kraken, incap them, use vortex, eat corpse.
Revive that.


Well, it’s good to hear that others don’t think she’s as bad as I do. I’ll have to try her again sometime, haven’t played her since I unlocked the other medics cuz I just feel both are far superior to her. I still think she has some glaring flaws that should be addressed though (namely drawing a bullseye on her head as the class the monster most wants to down). Staying far away from the action is all fine and dandy until the monster just dashes over to you and starts murdering you. Laz wants to stay a similar range away as Val in general, but he does not have this problem.

I’ll experiment with her and see if my opinion changes.