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Hey folks, bought evolve today
Stage 2: Val Strategy, Tips and Advice

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jump height perk will be your very best freind. find a perch sit like an eagle. and glide to victory as you permatranq the monster to death.


All hail the moon boots! Reload speed is also good for maximum healing output. More healbursts to keep you alive, and faster recharge on the gun. It’s recharge isn’t bad, but in those situations when you run completely out, reload speed can be a real lifesaver for your teammates.


Reserving a spot for later. I’m liking this new chain of threads.

Alright, here goes.

Perk- I LOVE quick switch. Some would disagree, but I stand by it.

Reload is good for faster heal burst, and jump height or jetpack recharge increase your survivability.

Position yourself up high when you get a dome- this is massively important. Val’s strength is at range. Her medgun reaches 60m, so retain a good distance, but not too far. You can cover most of the dome. Try to avoid the monster breaking line of sight on a teammate- that really can destroy Val’s userfulness. If you stay up high with other platforms to jump to, you can avoid the monster pretty well.

Prioritize weapons in this order:


With quick switch, you can still use all of them.

When in a chase, the tranqs are a boon to the trapper that should not be underestimated.

Ideally, the monster should always be glowing. Try to count the tranq timer in your head. Eventually, you’ll get a sense of it.

After most engagements, your team will end up at about half health for everyone. In combat, health levels can start to seem scary, but just keep your cool and heal on.

You’re gonna have to rely on your team to protect you, since Val’s survivability is negligible. That said, I still think she’s worth it. Sunny and Hank are great options with Val, and even Cabot and Parnell can do enough damage to scare the monster off you or make your incapping worth it.

Your healburst is your only self-defense. It heals you more than other people. Use it to protect yourself. That being said, if somebody else gets in danger, swoop in, drop the burst, and fly out. Full jetpack required. Be very careful with this move. It can get you killed pretty easily.

Val is a highly underrated character. She’s tricky at first, not your usual Caira nadespam, but stick with it. Think of Val as almost a second support- one with good healing potential too.


Here are my tips for Val:

    1. Here are your priorities: Medgun -> Tranq -> Sniper. Always prioritize healing, unless everyone is healed or you are being focused.
    1. Always stay at a distance in fights and domes, you don’t need to be close for any reason. Try to stay on top of rocks or buildings, and hop between them if the monster chases you.
    1. If you are being focused, tranq the monster and ask for help (cloak or shield). Try not to pop your healing burst too early, you want to make sure you get the maximum amount of healing from it. Remember, try to save healing burst for yourself in case you get into trouble, only use it on your teammates if multiple people are injured or you think the person will die without the extra healing. It is your only way to heal yourself.
    1. Headshots with the sniper will do a bunch of damage. But, if you have a Bucket on the team then make sure to get some weak spots in the center mass. Bucket’s turrets will be able to consistently hit these spots, doing TONS of damage. Similarly, you may want to do the same for Parnell or Torvald, since their shotguns will be more likely to hit the spots.
    1. Always try to keep tranqs up, unless someone is in trouble. This makes it more difficult for the monster to fight and also reveals it for your team in case it breaks line of sight. This is especially true for Kraken. However, remember your priorities. It’s better to heal a teammate who is about to die than to slow the monster down.
    1. It is better to focus heal with your medgun rather than burst firing. It might seem wise to let the battery recharge in between bursts of healing, but it’s not. The reason is that there is a ~1 second delay between the time you stop firing the medgun and when it starts to recharge the battery. If you use the entire battery at once, you will only have to wait for this delay once, whereas if you keep burst firing and letting it recharge, you will have to wait for this delay multiple times (meaning less healing done during this time).
    1. Keep your medgun on whoever is being focused, it may mean the difference between life and death when that boulder hits them in the face. Prioritize healing whoever the monster is targeting (since no one else SHOULD be taking damage), and switch when the monster does. Also make sure to heal your other teammates if assault has his shield up, even if he is being focused. He isn’t taking health damage at that time, so it’s the perfect opportunity to top everyone off before focuing on healing assault again. Use your best judgement here, as there are times where you will need to heal an ally who isn’t being focused, but is near death.

Recommended perks: Reload speed, damage resist, weapon swap, jump height, or jetpack recharge. In no particular order.


I use a different priority, alternating between two basic modes 1) and 2)

  1. non-combat scenario (potential wildlife threat)
    medgun to outheal all those environmental hazards and mishaps, sniper for self-defence (hip-firing mostly) putting markers on elite wildlife and eggs, and then tranq to slow down the occasional tyrant or dune beetle

  2. tranq the monster as a first thing upon encountering it, medgun to heal and then use healing burst as soon as the monster has really started to focus someone and sniper as a last priority as soon as everyone is healthy, well-fed and otherwise jolly to be around

As a perk I use movement speed. Because it improves aiming (minor inaccuracies in aiming can be better compensated with faster strafing when this perk is chosen) and it helps getting there faster when the dome comes up

Advanced: Instead of focus-healing one target, quickly alternate between hunters, healing in short bursts allows the medgun to recharge a bit.

Get to higher ground together with support.

Never underestimate the power of hip-firing the sniper rifle in close to mid ranges. The scope is so overzoomed you really only need it to land those long distance shots.

Use kiting: Jump up high and use the med gun in mid air, because the monster is gonna lose focus on you if you’re flying overhead, giving you a chance to reposition once you land after a mid-air healing raid.

And enjoy



Tranq for dayzzzzz.

Average Defend that gets to the Power Source I have the Monster tranquilized for 300 seconds on average, plus the minions too. Val is excellent for Defend better than Caira I think.

Besides Defend jump height or health regen, Val can’t heal herself very well so in public matches it’s pretty much necessary to have regen, unless your team mates are actually more functional than apes with downs syndrome(miracle level event)

Against good Monsters though jump height is better, you’ll get focused on so hard that you need to just get the fuck away.
Recharge can be good too for the exact same purpose but jump height lets you quickly hop over the Monster, not much they can do to counter.


The priority just means to put healing above everything else, as it’s generally more important. I would say a tranq is more important if no one is near death or in any kind of risk, but healing is your main job.

I could see movement speed helping some, but it doesn’t prolong your life. The monster will still be able to outrun you. Sure, it helps your ability to get around, but I would say it’s more important to make sure you don’t die. Jetpack recharge and jump height help you move around a dome (and the environment) more quickly, while also allowing you to hop between high spots (for safety) and dodge abilties. Reload speed allows you to have healing burst up faster (and reload quicker obviously), and damage resist allows you to mitigate some damage.

In my experience, these have been much more helpful, since you are often the focus of the monster. Also, I disagree with your medgun strategy. I understand that it needs to recharge, but you also need to make sure whoever is being focused doesn’t die. Unless you keep the healing beam on them, the monster will end up killing them. The others can wait, they aren’t going to be injured in the meantime.

Realistically, healing in short bursts has no benefit over focusing a single target, even out of combat. The healing amount will be exactly the same in either case, I’m just saying to focus that healing on who needs it most.

Edit: I forgot all about the healing recharge delay. It’s actually BETTER to use it to focus heal rather than burst fire it. The reason is simple: there is a ~1 second delay before it starts to recharge after using it. This means that burst firing it means it has to wait for the recharge delay multiple times, whereas using the entire battery at once and letting it recharge means it only has to wait for this delay once. This can potentially lead to several seconds of extra healing if you keep it focused on someone.

  1. The tranq rifle is your primary weapon, when you get off the dropship this should be equipped. When the dome goes up use tranqs to give you team real-time movement of the monster. When the dome goes down and the monster is armorless is when you shine, you start the tranq train and the team keeps chipping away amd never let the monster escape.

  2. reload, is my go to perk, it allows a faster ROF on your sniper( making it slightly less useless), faster heal burst( which now makes val a challenge to kill), faster recharge on your med gun, and more tranqs from reloads.

When playing val keep your distance, try to be high up against Goli and Bemo, and try to use LOS for wraith and kraken. Try to keep the med gun on the hunter being focused .

Only use the sniper when you have some time to kill, other than that you’ll mostly be stuck on the other two weapons.

Learn to juke
You will need this

Jumping straight up can help keep the tranqs up, try to tranq and cut the monster off to keep the tranqs on be because staying straight behind the monster will get you LOS’d.

Wait a few seconds before reapplying tranqs or they wont register.

If cabot is on the team you two can team up for wall hacks.


When firing the medgun, the beam bends at the reticule. Use this bend to aim at the monster while you heal. It will make your tranq shots more accurate especially with the quick switch perk. Your team will love you.


Even in death, you bring life to the team. When incapacitated, tell your team to come near you for a heal burst. Especially useful when there are 3 still up and hurt. You know that monster is not coming off the medic of all hunters, give your fellow hunters a parting gift.

Mic pretty much required though unless you share the wealth beforehand.


Anticipate when someone is about to go down, and get your medgun out if it isn’t already (it should be: this next trick could be prevented mostly if your healing is on point). Once they go down, keep the medgun on them, fly by and do a quick heal burst while keeping the gun on them. This revives the body in about 2 seconds as opposed of a risky manual Rez, or being unable to put heal monster damage on an incap. The BEST time to do this is no longer than 5 seconds after the hunter is uncapped: you want to do this while the monster is assessing the situation such as who went down and if he should kill the incapped hunter, alive hunters, reposition, or run. This may leave you grouped up with no jet pack, so definitely communicate with the team if you plan on doing this. Have support cloak before someone goes down, or assault between you and the monster, or even trapped slowing it down.

Best time to snipe is when the monster is not targeting you, does a long wind up attack, and everyone is above 80% health. Best get two or three on him, they last quite awhile, but even one can be a noticeable difference. Always try to get some on the monster, Val doesn’t really like long fights without certain perks and team members. But do be aware who can use them most effectively. And remember to shoot behemoth in the belly with the rifle, not the head!


This is the way what I play with her. If you want to watch I will thanks. :blush:
Evolve - Val Pro Vs. Kraken 1:


Being an underdog lover (I was playing Bucket before it was mainstream), I am now rolling mainly Val and enjoying it a lot. I am a decent player (played since launch - sitting in the Bronze Destroyer rank like most of the people) but I am always open to suggestions… Here is how I play her, please criticize…

Perk and Kit

> Perk: Reload Speed all the way. Helps too much the survivability, but also the Sniper puncturing and those annoying moments when you’re about to lose the monster while tranqing and have to reload your gun. I tried quickswitch (which is my to go perk with Slim), but was not convinced: the twisting rotation (i.e. the duration of the Debuffs) is too long to justify the constant switching of weapons.

> Tranq Darts: Outside the dome I use them like everybody while chasing the monster… Out of pure convenience, I prefer using hip shots, but I have the feeling that I miss shots that I am not supposed to miss. Hence the questions:
1- Is there a base spread on the gun (or will my dart will always pinpoint my crosshair)?
2- Is the spread affected by ADS, Hip shooting or movement?

Inside the Dome I try to tranq the runners, but I find it a waste of bullet if I am dealing with a fighter… I’d rather put one extra target than tranq’ing a monster who is on top of somebody (exception: If I am with Cabot, I don’t even bother with my sniper rifle). Same situation if I am focused: I prefer going for the headshot in order to punish the monster if I am down than tranq’ing the monster in order to maybe slowing him down if maybe he runs out of traversals… Thoughts?

> Sniper Rifle: Pretty Straight forward and satisfactory. I think teams don’t realize how devastating can be 3 or 4 targets on a monster (especially with Bucket - Parnell).

> Medgun - Healing Burst: I am always topping up my teammates with the Medgun when possible and keep the healing burst for myself. Only if somebody is being beaten up hard (which means that I cannot out heal the damages) I do an elegant Healing Burst fly-by, while (if I am full life) tanking a punch or 2 from the monster…

Team Comps:

The Try Hard defensive comps (with Hank or Sunny) are usually pretty straight forward to play with but I find them boring (OK, especially with Hank). The only subtlety being to stop medgunning the support if he/she is focused and cloaked and to rely on HB.

I do think that an offensive comp Val+Bucket with Parnell or Markov can work sometime even against a half decent Monster…
I noticed that monsters who see a Val without a Shielder rush often carelessly toward her hoping for a quick strike and dropship. As I always land 2+ targets on the monster, if Bucket does his job with the turrets, and my teammates focus properly, I get a strike, but never a dropship, and the monster loses half of his life in the process. The extra advantage of Markov are the mines, that I usually request to be placed around my kitting pillar.

Even though I like Cabot a lot, I would rather not have him in a Val comp, has he makes half of her kit useless.


this is personal preference. but try jetpack recharge or movement speed. when u land a tranq on a chasing monster, you have an unlimited equivalent to a caira boost. to me, that equals way more survivability than reload ever will. I dont need to HB if im not getting hit lol.

plus unlike the other medics, once val is in a corner with no jetpack. its gg. they have heals and cloaks. you are literally pinned to a wall lol. no reload will save you there.

for the medgun the second someone is at 60% and you see that an ability is about to be thrown switch to it. if you switch when they are below 40%. chances are they are dead unless u HB them.

tranq darts has no spread and its too accurate for its own good. also the bullet is not instant so far shots will feel like you shoulda hit and it doesnt.
2) hip fire doesnt change the accuracy. FIRE AWAY.
shooting while running slows you down. so practice jumping each shot to keep momentum and catch up the monster. I once denied eating and tranqed all the way til the next dome…by myself. cuz the team was way behind me.


I find it best to medgun anyone who has lost any health. 60% Is a bit low if the monster starts to focus them, so you’re best healing as soon as they take damage.


new patch yeah not a bad idea.

I used to do it based on abilities. so stage 1 after the leap/aftershock. now with 4 point spreads its kinda hard to tell which one does the most.

but if they are getting meleed to 60% lol your going to have a bad time.


Oh yeah, her healing output isn’t the stongest haha. Especially when damage is spread across the team.


The problem with Val is she forces people to use health regen